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Digital innovations and business economic performance

Advances in the digital world mark the progress of large companies, the ability to adapt to these new technological trends determines the success of commercial projects. Therefore, staying informed about the innovations of the moment is essential to not fall behind and lose the economic rhythm.

The conventions

With this purpose Openexpo Europe 2019 is celebrated. This year, the event celebrates its sixth edition and presents the innovations that will mark the future of the digital economy. Among its proposals, interesting topics such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, Fintech and open technology will be discussed. Each of the exhibitions and presentations shows the practical value of implementing these techniques in the business world.

Having knowledge in aspects as relevant as open technology, is very advantageous for business. To be able to control and modify the source code of the programs installed in the companies, it allows to customize the software to the real professional needs, and improvements in the work performance, and therefore, in the economic performance.


Cybersecurity, and the latest advances in digital protection, are very valuable knowledge whose main objective is to preserve the invulnerability of business projects. Avoiding attacks by cyber pirates is possible provided that you act carefully. Tips such as not logging in to other people’s computers, using passwords that are difficult to decipher, and other suggestions of the style can be obtained in web portals such as

And it is that special emphasis should be placed on the basic aspects of digital protection, since being victims of a computer attack can be very harmful to the economic performance of a company. At present, all people have some type of electronic device, where sensitive and personal information is stored and sent. The same happens with senior executives and managers, in their terminals have filed classified material. Therefore, it is essential to take timely measures to avoid suffering some type of hacking.

WhatsApp is one of the main communication channels used for the transfer of documents. Try not to store files, or memorize conversations, private and confidential, is the first measure to preserve security against possible attacks by hackers. It is possible to know the strategies of virtual invasion by clicking here.

The virtual desktops

Another of the digital advances that manages to improve the performance of companies is the implementation of desktops and virtual applications. Computer equipment is present in all types of business, they are fundamental for the proper development of work activities.

Computers and their limitations

But, computers have their limitations, they are not always available when they are needed. In many circumstances it is required to be able to access a whole database, or an operating system, from a distance. These demands may seem difficult to solve, but with the implementation of systems such as VDI and virtual desktops, it is possible. This type of digital advances are the specialty of UDS Enterprise, a broker in connections, which has specialized in the installation of this type of alternatives in Windows and Linux OS.


The VDI allows the elimination of any operating system at a physical level with the aim of having it available through a shared server, all of it virtually through the cloud. Therefore, employers and workers can access the information and programs required at any time and in any place. It is a tool that helps to improve the efficiency of all types of computer management and in reference to the virtual desktop, to mention that it is an ideal resource to execute, on specific occasions, programs that are not compatible with the installed OS.

Computer advances are essential resources that seek the progress and success of companies. Keeping up and adaptable is the duty of every business.

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