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Get Grain Prices Easily Using This API

Do you need to obtain grain prices? Do you feel overwhelmed by the huge number of commodities exchanges? Surely, you prefer a service where you can find all the prices in one place. If that is your case, continue reading this article. It’s the best commodities rates API.

A grain is a small, hard, dry seed, with or without an attached shell or fruit layer, harvested for human or animal consumption. The two main types of cash grain crops are cereals and legumes. Generally, this word is used to refer specifically to seeds of plants in the Gramineae family, such as wheat, corn, and rice, among others. These are seeds that have great durability. This characteristic made the grains well suited to industrial agriculture, as they could be mechanically harvested, transported by rail or ship, stored for long periods in silos, and ground into flour or pressed into oil.

Get Grain Prices Easily Using This API

Grains, legumes and seeds have been favored by the weight control trend and for the production of products for specific diets, such as vegetarianism, veganism, lactose intolerance and animal protein allergy. They are used, for example, as fat substitutes in dairy products and meat products to reduce calories. Extracts, popularly known as “milks”, from soybeans, rice and oats are used as alternatives to milk by people on special diets. Currently, many countries dedicate thousands of hectares of fertile land to produce wheat, rice, soybeans, corn, among other products. Producing these products is essential for their economies and therefore they must be attentive to world markets.

There are many world markets, which daily offer the updated prices of each grain. However, not all commodity exchanges offer absolutely all products, many times we must consult prices in many services. We know that this task is very annoying. Luckily, Commodities-API is the solution to your problem, since it has all the grain prices at your fingertips!

Use Commodities-API

If what you are looking for is to obtain grain prices, the best option is Commodities-API! And this is not because we say so, its numbers explain that it is currently the leading system in commodity prices. Its function is simple, collect data from 15 sources, such as banks and financial centers, every hour, every minute and every second. And your data is 100% reliable. In fact, this service is so fast that we can obtain updated data every 60 seconds and with a precision of 2 decimal places. In this way, we will save time and money.

Get Grain Prices Easily Using This API

And a detail that we did not mention before but that will surely serve you. International markets generally offer prices in currencies known as dollars or euros. But Commodities-API knows that your comfort comes first, that’s why it offers you to see the prices in the currency of your country, whatever it is.

How much must be paid to use this service?

It’s free! Or at least you can use it without having to pay anything. But there are also paid plans that take full advantage of the Commodities-API capabilities. For example, in the free option you will only be able to see the prices 100 times a month and with updates of 1 hour. On the other hand, in the professional option (50 dollars per month) you will be able to see the prices 100,000 times a month and with 60-second updates.

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