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Email Marketing Software for Gambling Websites

Email is still the most effective way to attract gamblers because through this tool you can maintain regular communication with clients by customized,extremely targeted messaging created from geo-targeting, likes, and interests. But this instrument is especially helpful in the gambling industry.

Nowadays, the most successful gambling websites are using email marketing to enhance audience engagement and increase traffic to their pages, encouraging not just gaming but bets and deals. This kind of messages includes convincing writing, pictures, and links that are all made to persuade potential customers to jump on and bet.

Email marketing can be considered as one of the best marketing strategies of all time. First, because email marketing can be absorbed into the plenty strategies used by gambling websites to improve their acquisition and rates. 

One of the best known and recommended email marketing software for gambling websites is Postr. This software has used artificial intelligence technology that allows their customers to attain large open rates of at least 70% for email marketing campaigns. 

This is also one of the best free email marketing software that comes with content ready, responsive Free email templates that look great in all major email clients. With the free email marketing plan, this software lets you send up to 20,000 emails per month with Postr branding. Paid plans start at $25 per month. 

Postr includes email automation tools so you can create workflows for follow up emails, segment users, and send transactional emails. Using the AI-driven algorithms, you can find the best time to send bulk emails to get the best deliverability. 

In addition to the standard features offered by most email marketing services, you can deliver personalized content on a one-to-one basis based on the automated rules we set for each recipient. Run an A/B or multivariate test to optimize your content, layout, or send time. While this isn’t a necessity for your email marketing campaigns, it’s a nice tool to have if you want to send automated, real-time, content-based emails.

Business owners running gambling websites can significantly improve traffic and gamblers retention by following these tips:


Email marketing’s cost is much lower if we compare any other cost of digital marketing tactics. Hence, it allows better maximization of the website’s budget. Other crucial factors of preserving the website’s solidity can be distributed with a more sufficient amount of funds.


It is good to keep players updated on the latest news, games, sports bettings, etc. Create a schedule for sending emails, but try not to send so many emails per week, because you don’t want your clients to become annoying. It’s also important to choose the appropriate time for sending emails, keeping in mind that players usually visit gambling websites in the evening and on the weekends.


The first step in email marketing for a gambling platform is building an email list. This can be done by using high-converting email pop-up forms, inline forms, and landing pages.

It is important to create a personalized call-to-action for different pages. Pop-up ads are also a good way to build an email list. However, they should not bother website visitors too much. It is better to introduce them to visitors that have already spent some time on the website, and then adjust them according to users’ behavior on the page.


The contents of each email marketing content differ depending on the goal and topic of the campaign. This means that it can effortlessly be shaped and build up to complement the website’s needs and goals. Email marketing content can as well be improved with email banners and graphics, images or videos to help create a good impression to target clients.


Sending customized emails adds is a  plus to the online gambling website’s reliability. With customizable content, the gambling websites will be able to expose its own different features and services for the target audience to easily catch the website’s message and try the plenty of features that appeal to it.

Moreover, customized messages assemble a relevant connection between the gambling website and its gamblers. It is also an important element in raising the performance of each email campaign.


Once a gambling website gathers the email addresses of its target audience, then it is time to use email marketing software and tools that will help blast and disseminate the email campaigns to the intended recipients. Not all the marketing software tools support email marketing for online gambling websites. That’s why, for us, Postr will be the best option for your business.

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