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Entrepreneurship as a right of “ordinary citizens”

There is a very strong paradigm established in our society regarding entrepreneurship, almost with prejudice, and it is in the sense that it is not available to everyone but rather to a few.

To manage to transform this idea and generate a change of thought in the sense that entrepreneurship must “go down” to a whole conglomerate, not only in capacity but in opportunities, is one of the theses that technological entrepreneur Arturo López Valerio defends in his recently launched book, “#Emprende: a guide for ordinary citizens”.

During his “Technological Tuesday” section of the Morning program of 91 (91.3 FM) and interacting with the communicator Carlotti Peralta and the journalist Andres Hirujo, López Valerio cited a report on system conditions for dynamic entrepreneurship, published by the Instituto de Empresa de the University of General Sarmiento in Argentina.

The promotion of entrepreneurship

In this report, he said, there is a specific “mapping” regarding the conditions in different countries of the region that help promote entrepreneurship and make the same progress, focusing mainly on startups, “which are these traction companies that do not they are traditional companies but projects that are scaling up and can eventually become global companies. ”

The technological entrepreneur adds that although in markets such as Europe or the United States these startup dynamics occur “very fast”, there is doubt in Latin America as to why there are few projects, and this is very much linked to the fact that – “as we have It has been saying for a long time ”- the enterprises in the region and in a very special way in the Dominican Republic are not incorporating technology into their projects”.

More difficulties

One aspect to highlight is that there are currently fewer entrepreneurs launching new projects and more difficulties, “but we generally see that there are many areas where they can focus and create opportunities”.

Startups Academy Colombo-Dominican franchisee said that as a call to all those who are looking for projects or channel others that have identified about twelve areas where innovation can be created within the venture.

They are agriculture, fishing, assistance and human rights, industry 4.0, food, travel, entertainment, art, culture, sports -components that define the so-called orange economy- but also the financial market -insurance and legal consulting-, water and sanitation , education energy, fashion and beauty, health and finally what is linked to cities, transportation and decent housing.

Helping the entrepreneur

On the other hand, he said that in the academy all the previous aspect of entrepreneurship is defined with a scheme with five levels ranging from “minus 2” (-2) to three (3), starting from the idea and prototyping.

He pointed out that through Startups Academy Colombia-Dominicana “we try to help the entrepreneur to find out what stage he is in and what he needs to build for each stage”.

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