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Financial company sees great development opportunities

Mexico’s development opportunities are enormous and go beyond the economic and political environment it faces, assured the global CEO of International Personal Finance (IPF), Rami Ryhannen.

The Estonian executive stressed that Mexico has a very large population to which it is necessary to bring financial services closer, so it maintains its estimated growth in the country.

It is huge

“The country is huge, we have many opportunities here, we do not need to work with all the people, we just need to find the customers who need our product, I do not see any problems now here”.

He assured Notimex that Mexico is a very large country with problems of the same size, but that is what makes this company participate in the market to support its population.

What about Europe?

In a working visit to the country, the manager of the same group to which Creditea and Providence belong commented that unlike Europe, where almost everything is digital, in Mexico there is still a high use of cash, so its mission is to support the population in this objective.

Thus, through Creditea, a business focused on cash credit lines that are granted through the Internet, they seek to support the development of the Mexican population.

Expecting expansion

For the CEO of Creditea Mexico, Adrián Fernández, this firm expects to double or triple its operations each year, with the line of credit in cash.

He stressed the importance of promoting inclusion in the field among the Mexican population, especially because there is a revolution with financial technology companies (Fintech).

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