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Fintech: Companies + Universities working together

The cryptocurrency market is moving towards mainstream adoption. There are several firms that are signing new partnerships with institutions and other firms to increase their presence in the space. Ripple has been working in order to offer financial services to more than 200 firms located around the world.

A new partnership arrives

This time, Ripple has signed a new partnership with the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). Ripple And INATBA Sign New Partnership Ripple continues to expand its presence in the market by partnering with a large mainstream institution.

Industry leaders

This time the European Union-backed INATBA will be working with Ripple to create a global forum that brings industry leaders, startups and SMEs together to support blockchain technology.

The organization explained that there will be different participants working together to improve the blockchain industry. Some of them include developers, users and different companies involved in the space.

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