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Fintech company is digitizing stock trading with Blockchain started operations in mid-February. The blockchain solution enables the digital management of share registers. Daura is a joint venture of Swisscom founded in 2018 and Luka Müller, a legal partner of MME.

The platform is aimed particularly at stock corporations that were previously not listed on the stock exchange. This enables Daura SMEs to gain access to a broad range of investors. Capital increases are made efficiently and simply with the Blockchain solution, Swisscom announces. Investors would benefit from the simple peer-to-peer transfer of shares and participation certificates.

Partnerships with BDO and Sygnum

Two important partners of Daura are the fiduciary and consulting firm BDO and the fintech company Sygnum. BDO has a network of more than 22,000 customers and gives the joint venture a direct link to Swiss SMEs. Sygnum is in the process of obtaining a Swiss banking license and offers Daura users an opportunity to raise capital.

According to Swisscom, eight SMEs announced in mid-February that they would be able to replicate their shares in Daura. Users include Dart Ventures, Egelsee Invest Alpha and KYC Spider. Depending on the size of the company, the cost of maintaining a file register on the platform amounts to between 500 and 5,000 francs per year.

The goal of Cardossier is to establish Blockchain in the Swiss automotive industry. You can find out more about Cardossier here.

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