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Fintech company shuffles back to the business after its failed sale

The secret of the markets, also that of mergers and acquisitions, is usually to buy cheap and sell expensive. However, sometimes the divergences between buyers and sellers are such that they put an end to an operation. This has happened with the sale of Inversis, where Banca March has preferred to retain the entity in the face of low offers from Cecabank, Allfunds and BME.

Therefore, March begins to glimpse the future of Inversis. He has hired Boston Consulting Group to look for an industrial or strategic partner with which to build alliances.

One of the aspects where Inversis is studying to expand its operations to the retail business, according to financial sources to CincoDías. In 2013 Inversis sold its retail business to Andbank and signed a distribution agreement with this entity. It was at the same time that Banca March exercised its right of first refusal and stayed with this business of investment services in the sales process that had begun the other founding partners, among which were Indra, Caja Madrid, El Corte Inglés, Terra and Banco Zaragozano (now in the hands of CaixaBank).

Geographically, the Inversis plans go through its expansion to two new geographies. On the one hand, it puts Lationoamérica on the radar, but also Europe. Thus, within the possible partners that Inversis seeks, marketing platforms are located in the area.

Another field where Inversis seeks allies is in the fintech with the aim of completing the services that Inversis already offers. Among others cites the incorporation of a theft advisor, but also in alternative financing, brokerage of bitcoins, insurance or blockchain.

Another of the new businesses towards which Inversis plans to move is direct lending. It is about alternative financing to companies through debt funds and without going through banks. This is a growing market niche in Spain.

The two direct lending funds that Trea AM has already raised or those that Oquendo has, for example, stand out. The objective is to open the Inversis technology platform to both securitization investors who want to access additional investment products, as well as to retail clients looking for other investment products.

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