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Free HTML Email Templates In 2022

Do you still create your email design from scratch? Not anymore!

We understand you want to pour your heart into your email marketing designs. But they are crucial for boosting subscriber engagement and increasing click-through rates and sales. And creating compelling email content is challenging enough.

That’s why email templates exist. They are a piece of HTML code that allows you to copy and paste material straight into the file and look excellent on desktop, mobile, and different email providers. You may reuse the same template for several email campaigns by changing the content.

Free HTML Email Templates In 2022

Therefore, templates give you more time to create content and less time to do tiresome design labour. Not to mention it keeps your email marketing campaigns consistent with the purpose to provide your subscribers with a better experience that makes them stick around. Thus, email templates take your campaigns from zero to hero.

This year, take advantage of templates to enhance your email marketing without spending a penny. Here is a software that will help you by offering you –among other tools– free HTML email templates to excel your campaigns in 2022:


Postr understands how difficult it is to create HTML emails. The tables, the perplexing client support, and the inline CSS are all issues. For that reason, in an attempt to optimise emails, it gives away 20 of the best email templates for free. You can customise them to represent your brand and get as many conversions as possible.

Free HTML Email Templates In 2022

But Postr is more than a responsive, unrestricted, HTML email templates giver. It is an email marketing service that commits to delivering all your emails to its intended audience to help you grow. Basically, it does everything to assist content creators expand their audience at an affordable budget; spend less, send more.

What’s more, Postr works with businesses in industries that other email marketing platforms reject: adult content, cryptocurrencies, gambling websites, CBD brands, pharmaceutical products, etc.

An account is all you need to try Postr for free. It will give you access to a list of up to 200 subscribers and 1,000 emails to send off charges every month. Of course, you will also have unlimited control over your email design, which won’t contain branding watermarks.

Now that you know where to get free HTML email templates in 2022, will you use them to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level? Comment!

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