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Genially: The startup that allows the creation of interactive resources on a website

Genially is a startup that has created a tool through which the user can merge the power of the online world (internet, social networks, etc.) with design and office automation. This startup offers very broad content that ranges from input and output animations, to continuous and hover; It also converts creations into animated content in minutes. It is a way to enrich the content with visual effects.

Right here and right now

It currently has more than 1000 templates, thousands of resources, and more than 2.3 million users in all countries of the world. The startup is used by large corporations and startups, also through media or universities.

About Genially

Genially has been accelerated by the Founder Institute, and was subsequently selected as one of the 40 companies with the greatest growth projection of its entire international ecosystem. Following this, after Wayra’s investment, she was mentorized, supported and incubated by them.

The road to success

The company has investors such as Wayra, Caixa Capital Risk or Lánzame. Genially has also made a first round of financing in which he got 300,000 euros accompanied by Enisa. Later, in his second round, he achieved about 900,000 euros accompanied by Soprea. Also, last year they won the S.XXI Entrepreneur Award at the national level of la Caixa.

With Genially, a person without programming knowledge no longer needs a developer to create interactive infographics, presentations or microsites, which saves him economically.

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