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Get Brent Crude Oil Rates Quickly With This API!

Would you like to get Brent crude oil rates but don’t know how? Well, in this article you will find the solution! We will offer you a tool that will surely be useful to you. It is the best Brent crude oil rates API.

Brent oil is a type of crude oil that is extracted mainly from the North Sea (west of Europe) and serves as the basis for setting crude oil prices internationally. It is called Brent oil because that is how the Shell company named a deposit it found in the North Sea, off the coast of Scotland. The price of a barrel of Brent is an important indicator in the financial markets. This is because crude oil is not only used as fuel, but is also used to produce derivatives such as gasoline, lubricants, plastic or polyethylene, among others.

This type of crude oil is widely used because it is sweet and light, which makes it easier to convert to diesel and gasoline. This, together with its relative ease of transport as it is produced in the sea, make it such a widespread variety. It is usually refined in Northwest European countries, but when market prices are low enough to export it, refineries in the area and on the US East Coast also process it. This type of oil is one of the poorest with respect to its calorific value and contains approximately 0.39% sulfur.

Get Brent Crude Oil Rates Quickly With This API!

Currently, Brent Oil is trading at $112. In the last twelve months the price of a barrel of Brent oil has increased by 58.62%. As you can see, there is a lot of volatility in prices, which is why it is important to be up to date with prices. For this, there is a way to obtain these prices quickly and safely, its name is Commodities-API and it is the best in its market.

Use Commodities-API!

The first thing is to understand what Commodities-API is. As its ending indicates, it is an API. This is based on a set of definitions and protocols that have the purpose of integrating systems and facilitating communication between software applications. It was created to collect information and keep you up to date on the prices of a wide variety of commodities, including rubber, rice, coffee, corn, sugar, wheat, lumber, and of course Brent crude oil. All this, with a precision of two decimal places and updates every 60 seconds. All this, using sources of first quality and recognized worldwide. Its reliability is so great that many developers, SMEs and large organizations use it. For example, companies like Barrick, Metex, Chainlink, Glencore.

Get Brent Crude Oil Rates Quickly With This API!

And finally, the price… the most important aspect for some. Surely you think that this system is expensive but the answer will surprise you. Commodities-API is free! That is, you will be able to access the prices of Brent crude oil without paying anything. But, it is also true that there are paid plans that offer better benefits, which cost between 15 and 50 dollars per month. We recommend you go to its website and in the “pricing” section, you will find the main differences between the free, basic and professional plans.

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