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Get Daily Commodity Prices In Just A Few Clicks

Are you looking for how to start investing in commodities? Did you know that there are apis that help you with that? Read this article and get informed about it!

The market for trading commodity contracts has developed to worldwide dimensions, with exchanges on six continents, since the first formal commodities exchange opened in Japan in the 1700s.

The first American exchange was established in 1848 as more farmers and merchants began sending their commodities to Chicago. The Chicago Board of Trade was its name (CBOT). By inventing futures contracts, this group of brokers produced a more efficient, standardized system of transferring products and payment.

A commodity is a basic good used in business that may be exchanged for other similar products. Commodities are frequently utilized as raw materials in the manufacture of other items or services.

The quality of a particular product may vary slightly from producer to producer, but it is generally consistent. Metal, energy, livestock and meat, and agricultural commodities are the four basic categories into which commodities are traditionally classified.

Get Daily Commodity Prices In Just A Few Clicks

Commodity purchasers may be divided into two categories: buyer-to-buyer transactions and buyer-to-producer transactions. Product sales and purchases are often made through futures contracts on exchanges that set a minimum amount and quality for the commodity being traded.

The first group consists of commodity buyers and producers who utilize commodity futures contracts for the hedging reasons for which they were designed. When the futures contract expires, these traders make or receive delivery of the real commodity.

The speculator is the second sort of commodities trader. These are traders who trade commodities only for the goal of benefitting from price fluctuations. When trading futures, these traders never aim to make or receive delivery of the physical commodity.

Currently, many websites use APIs, computer software, which do the work of searching for different types of products and currencies in order to return them to customers. We particularly recommend Commodities-API to get the most fast commodities prices API:


It’s a website that sells monetized data about coffee, cereals, and oils, among other things. It obtains them via an API, which takes less than a minute to set up after reaching out to financial institutions to form partnerships.

Get Daily Commodity Prices In Just A Few Clicks

Registration On The Platform

Commodities-API has the benefit of being extremely user-friendly. Take the following steps to do so:

• Visit the website and register as a user.

• Pick a currency and a product to sell.

• Create an API-request on the dashboard, and the software will respond with an API-response, and you’re ready to go!

Origin Of The Information

This site’s API gathers data on commodity and currency values from more than 15 credible data sources every minute. Banks and financial data businesses, as well as the World Bank, are among the sources.


The Commodities-API platform uses SSL encryption to safeguard web-to-web connections. This sort of security is used by financial institutions. After then, this API pulls data from financial institutions or even the World Bank.

Previous Reports

Reports spanning days, weeks, months, and even years previous to August 2021 are available on the site. To do so, choose “historical rates” from the drop-down box, then enter the date in digital format (YYYY-MM-DD) on the URL.

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