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Get European Natural Gas Rates With An API

Are you interested in investing in natural gas? Do you know that you can do it through a commodities rates API? Read this post and learn how to do it!

In the energy business, natural gas is becoming more important. Natural gas, formerly considered a byproduct of oil extraction, is today employed in a range of applications, ranging from residential to industrial to electricity generating. Natural gas automobiles are already a reality, with over 23 million on the road globally.

With this in consideration, investors should be equipped with the knowledge they require to make informed natural gas investment selections. Investors will have the skills they need to better understand natural gas by looking at who consumes it, how it is transported, its storage capacity, price, trading techniques, and spot and forward markets.

Get European Natural Gas Rates With An API

Groningen and Russia are the Europe’s biggest natural gas fields, with initial recoverable reserves of 2.7 to 2.8 tcm (95 to 99 tcf). It was discovered off the coast of the Netherlands in 1959 and began production in 1963. Approximately 60% of the initial reserves have been recovered. Russia is the greatest gas exporter in the world. In 2021, the country generated 762 billion cubic meters of natural gas and exported around 210 billion cubic meters through pipeline.

Furthermore, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has destabilized global oil markets. The European Union is considering further sanctions against Russia, including the prohibition of Russian oil and energy supplies. Yesterday, natural gas prices surpassed $8.00 per million BTUs for the first time in 13 years.

Due to this, many investors are dedicated to looking for ways to invest intelligently on the internet through platforms that are dedicated to providing users with updated data on currency changes, among them the most popular is Commodities-API.

What Is Commodities-API?

Commodities-API is a free and open website that gives you access to an API that gives you real-time data on 170 types of currencies and products. The seek time is fast, almost less than 60 seconds, and it has a fidelity of two decimal places. This API can give you commodity prices for things like coffee, rice, sugar, natural gas, crude oil, wheat, among others.  

Get European Natural Gas Rates With An API

How Is It Used?

Commodities-API it´s super simple to use, and extremely user-friendly. To do so, follow these instructions:

• Direct to the website and registrate.

• Choose your commodity and currency.

• Generate an API request from the dashboard, and the app will respond with an API response, and you’re ready to start!

Is It Accurate?

The Commodities-API can supply data in whatever currency you choose, with an accuracy of 2 decimal points, from a list of over 170 options. You can get 60-second data updates and make 100.000 API queries each month.

Can Previous Data Be Obtained?

Yes, you have the option of “historical rates,” which have been available for most currencies since August 2021, are accessible. By attaching a date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to the basic URL, you may query the Commodities-API API for historical rates.

Where Is The Information Obtained?

Commodities-API obtains its data from fifteen highly dependable sources, such as banks and financial markets, which send data every minute.

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