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Get IP Data In Real-Time Using API

Are you searching IP data in real-time? We recommend using API, the best tool to improve your business.

Nowadays in megacity where everything happens so quickly and change on a daily basis. That’s why you have to be updated with the changes in the industry. But it is impossible to get data in real-time due to the fact that the process of gathering data is takes a lot of time to get it and analyse. Besides, in some cases the information is not accurate.

In addiction, to collect the information in some case you have to ask directly to the user and as a consequence the user doesn’t want to reply due to the fact that they don’t provide personal information.

What is an API?

However, there is a software provide accurate information about the visitor of your website such as city, country, continent, time zone, currency, security, latitude and longitude in real-time. This technology is kwown as API application programming interface (API) is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate with one another. 

The data will use for many purposes. It could be to increase your business, segment your audience, make statistics, predict future scenarios, better personalization, optimizing ad targeting, identifying and avoiding online fraud, and providing unique user experiences based on their location are all things that may be done.

The best tool is ipXapi database and API are characterized by a fusion of significant ISPs who provide information about new and current IP ranges on a regular basis, resulting in high IP data accuracy. Furthermore, this information may assist you in categorizing and analyzing your visitors so that you may provide a better service or product.

There are over 2 million unique sites in over 200.000 cities around the world. You’ll also receive monthly access to 10.000 free requests. The formats JSON, Python, and PHP Curl are all available. Also, provides information about security systems such as proxy, crawler and tor.

How to use it: 

1- Go to and create an account.

2-Enter the IP address from which you want to gather data.

3- Send it out and see if you get a response.

4- Keep the API on your computer and utilize it anytime you need it.

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