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Getting Visitor’s Country From Their IP Using A Free API

How to obtain the country from your visitor using IP? We recommend using API to get it in an easy way.

To know the country from your visitor, will determine your business and what strategies are the best in order to increase your brand in an organic way. Within it, it will allow adapting your website or blog to the language of their country in order for to visitors feel welcome. In another hand, getting this information will help you to create advertisements based on their location and can create personalized experiences with messages, for example.

Many businesses are turning to APIs to obtain country information without having to ask the user, allowing them to compete on a global scale. Because you may not want to market your product or service in these countries, the information allows you to analyze where users are located.

To get country information it is used an API that function as links between two computers or programs is an application programming interface (API). It’s a type of software interface that allows other applications to interact with it. 

Why Ipxapi?

Ipxapi offers a very high level of accuracy in IP data because the ipXapi database and API are integrated with a series of significant ISPs who regularly give information about new and current IP ranges. The IP address is a numerical designation, such as, that identifies a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol to communicate. An IP address’s primary functions are network interface identification and location addressing.

Ipxapi uses API to deliver real-time information on the country, currency code, and calling code, among other things. Additionally includes details on security systems like a proxy, crawler, and tor.

This website is connected with various channels that give real-time IP data, the ipXapi API’s database is updated frequently, with up to 24 database changes per day. You’ll also have access to 10.000 free requests each month. JSON, Python, and PHP Curl are all compatible formats.

More than 2 million distinct locations in over 200.000 cities throughout the world are covered.

How to get the country

1- Go to and create an account.

2-Enter the IP address from which you want to gather data.

3- Send it out and wait for a response.

4- Download the API to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

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