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Google Assistant: New features and how to use them for your startup

Google has also come to Barcelona to talk about one of its most important products for the future as far as smartphones are concerned, such as Google Assistant, and the Mountain View company wants its assistant to remain of vital importance to them. phones, even if they are Android devices.

Google Assistant in more feature phones

This is one of the plans that Google had shared with us for several months, but in this Mobile World Congress have not left aside the issue, mentioning that they are still betting on the new KaiOS, the operating system that some feteare phones have brands as Alcatel, Nokia, and others.

And is that last year Google invested 22 million dollars in this operating system, and has mentioned that Google Assistant will be a key part of these teams, which have basic functions but with Internet access, so Assistant will help them perform searches, voice-to-text transcriptions, and perform other tasks on computers.

Recall that Google Assistant already works on a billion devices, but Google does not want to leave out feature phones, because in developing countries this type of equipment is still very successful.

Google is allied with Nokia, Xiaomi and more manufacturers to include a button dedicated to Assistant

We saw it yesterday with the introduction of Nokia, the Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 are the first models of HMD that include a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant. But the Mountain View company wants this button to reach other brands, which is why it has reached an agreement with Xiaomi, TLC and Vivo, in addition to LG’s smartphones will continue to include it.

With this, the new models of these brands will have a button that will activate Google Assistant without having to activate it by voice, or by pressing the home button for a few seconds.

New languages and better integration with Google Maps

The last, but no less important, has to do with the arrival of new languages, such as Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Télugu, Gujaratí, Canarés, Malabar and Urdu, all of them Indo-Spanish languages.

This is what the new Google Maps looks like for Android and iOS

Likewise, the assistant integrated in Google Maps will be compatible with more languages, and will also have integration with the application of Android messages. Google did not mention when these languages and such integration will arrive, but it will surely be during the next months.

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