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Google drives 10 startups

They were chosen from more than 350 applications.

With the aim of boosting the growth of startups in Latin America, Google launched the Launchpad Accelerator program in Mexico, in which 10 startups from Argentina, Colombia and Chile will participate, which were chosen from more than 350 applications.

For three months, Google Launchpad Accelerator Mexico will help entrepreneurs create attractive, scalable and impactful technologies, through intensive mentoring, mainly in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Android, Google Cloud Platform and web solutions (Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, among others).

The mission behind Launchpad Accelerator is to match start-ups in the growth stage with the best of Google, people, network and advanced technologies. This initiative responds to the need to develop a solid ecosystem of startups in Mexico and Latin America, which in turn makes a big difference for the community, creating new jobs and positively impacting the social environment.

For this, an alliance with Centraal was created in order to have a dedicated support. This will allow them to learn from the best, scale their products with great potential and establish a connection with a network in Mexico and Silicon Valley.

“We are delighted to partner with Google to work on Launchpad Accelerator Mexico, we have worked carefully on the program and on the incredible mentors that will make this possible, to bring them important networking opportunities with founders and investors, making Accelerator a real boost for the startups “, shared Rogelio Cuevas, director of Centraal.

The chosen ones

The selected companies have a variety of approaches and markets, ranging from logistics to digital advertising and the Fintech space. These startups already have products validated by the market, and four of them have women among their founders or in their executive team.

For Google, these startups offer global class solutions to specific problems of the Hispanic American and world markets. They were selected because they have the potential to execute, grow and scale their value proposition, and to become or consolidate as benchmarks of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Latin America has been present in every Launchpad Accelerator since its appearance in Silicon Valley in 2015 and, throughout the different activities of Launchpad, we have supported hundreds of startups in Latin America during the last four years.

Performing Launchpad Accelerator for all Spanish-speaking countries in Mexico feels like a dream come true; since it gives us the opportunity to attract attention to the great work that entrepreneurs and developers are doing. It also allows us to put Mexico and Latin America in the spotlight, and accelerate the connections between experts, investors and organizations in the region with Launchpad’s global network, “said Francisco Solsona, Launchpad Accelerator Manager for Latin America.

The selected startups are:


First Argentine company that offers guaranteed financing in goods, such as real estate or cars. Ben & Frank: Mexican startup that aims to make the experience of buying glasses online as fast and reliable as it is in a traditional store.


Colombian-Mexican logistics service that connects cargo transport providers with businesses in Latin America, and optimizes logistics processes. Herolens: Argentina’s digital advertising management and automation platform allows brands to be more reactive to their environment and have better data on performance.


Mexican startup that allows you to understand the behavior of customers of an online or offline establishment, with greater speed and accuracy.


Colombian startup that facilitates the process of buying real estate from the search of the property to the transactional and legal processes prior to the closing of the acquisition.


Mexican-Argentine company offers a catalog of financial services based on cryptoactives, from the purchase of cryptocurrencies to microcredits.


Mexican market research platform that offers great flexibility in capturing your data and uses artificial intelligence. Ualá: Fintech argentina that offers the first debit card completely free in that market, and is integrated with an application that allows its users to make movements. Wheel The World: Chilean online marketplace specialized in serving people with disabilities through a global catalog of tourism products aimed at that segment.

These startups will receive, between April and June, accompaniment and mentoring from leading experts in technology, product, investment and marketing inside and outside of Google, as well as training in Public Relations, UX and leadership; as well as opportunities to contact international media.

At the end of the program, these startups will be part of the international group of companies that have been part of Google Launchpad Accelerator, such as Quinto Andar, Arquivei, Creditas, Platzi, Konfio, Telemedicine Portal, Kichink, Online Compare, Cloud Store, Miroculus, among others .

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