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Google’s trick to protect your chats from prying eyes in the office

Now Google has a trick so you can chat on WhatsApp Web without worrying about other people’s sights. These are the simple steps to follow.

The most used app in the world

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most used and downloaded application in the world. This instant messaging platform became so popular that its updates are constant. Thus, for some time now, it can be used not only from the cell phone but also from the computer.

This means that its effectiveness as a communication tool grew exponentially. But what about intimacy. In this case, WhatsApp Web can be used with any computer if we have our cell phone nearby. But this also means that anyone near our monitor can read our conversations.

The advantages are several, starting with the possibility of typing on a keyboard much more comfortable than that of a smartphone. But when used in shared spaces, such as offices, is where the real problem begins.

The perks of Google

But fortunately for several, Google Chrome added a high degree of privacy in WhatsApp Web. The name of the tool is “Privacy Extension”. You have to find it from the Chrome browser and follow the download process.

Once the extension is installed, you will see an eye on the upper right sector of the browser. It will be activated when you have WhatsApp Web open in a window. The system applies a bleaching effect in different sections of the application.

What does this mean?

Outline texts, profile images, user or group names, images that are sent in the messenger, and so on. By touching the icon, you can select which elements you want to appear blurry and which not.

Blurring disappears when we hover over one of the vanished sections. For example, if you chose to have the effect applied to the profile images, those photos will be seen when you hover your mouse cursor over them.

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