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5 Chrome Apps and Extensions for Learning Disabilities

Among the plenty of softwares available for people with learning disabilities, text-to-speech software provides a flexible approximation to learning, helping them master their challenges. The advantages of having this software for all types of ages are many. But, more than anything else, it helps them boost their confidence and express…

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Google’s trick to protect your chats from prying eyes in the office

Now Google has a trick so you can chat on WhatsApp Web without worrying about other people’s sights. These are the simple steps to follow. The most used app in the world Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most used and downloaded application in the world. This instant messaging platform…

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Google removes an extension of Chrome that stole cryptocurrencies

Harry Denley, a well-known security researcher, discovered an extension of Chrome that deceived people to participate in an airdrop – a cryptocurrency and token game – completely false on the Huobi platform. The reality is that his real purpose was to steal digital coins. 200 people were victims of the…

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Google plans to make it harder for you to be forced out of incognito mode to see websites

It is public domain that most browsers or browsers have an option in Incognito mode, however, many web pages often use resources to prevent users from using them when they visit their sites, this is something that Google Chrome wants to change. Indisputable, Internet has become a basic service for…

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