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Help others with your startup: the IBISA case

The startup enables the farmer-to-farmer contact, that all administrative operations are done automatically to avoid errors and seeks to ensure transparency in the administration of economic funds.

The European startup IBISA develops a Blockchain insurance system for small farmers in developing countries. NWC10Lab collaborates in the development of this project, which began in 2018 and which has funding from the European Space Agency and the Government of Luxembourg.

IBISA manages, with the support of NWC10Lab, a platform that functions as a mutuality from which farmers can share risks among themselves without intermediaries.

One of the missions of NWC10Lab is to detect and connect Blockchain projects led by Spaniards around the world, as is the case of IBISA, and support them to ensure that these initiatives are recognized nationally and internationally.

Developing countries and agricultural microinsurance

More than 500 million farmers worldwide, especially in developing countries, can not access the contracting of agricultural microinsurance due to its cost and complexity.

Therefore, the IBISA startup has developed a new generation of inclusive insurance, based on Blockchain and designed to guarantee the protection of these farmers’ crops.


With this project, IBISA reengineered processes to drastically reduce costs and increase management efficiency.

Blockchain technology and Earth observation by satellite (the fields are photographed for evaluations on crop damage) make it possible, for the first time, for farmers in any region, however disadvantaged, to have access to insurance. affordable

The biggest advantage of implementing Blockchain in this case is that it allows the contact of farmer to farmer, in addition all administrative operations are done automatically to avoid errors. In addition, it seeks to guarantee transparency in the administration of economic funds.

How does it work?

The partners with whom the startup works in these countries come into contact with farmers and explain how IBISA works and its advantages. Later:

Once the farmer has decided on the coverage that he wishes to have or can assume, the partner will register him on the platform and the steps that the farmer makes (payment or compensation receipt) will be made through his cell phone.

Farmers pay an annual fee to join, not linked to the station. 80% of the volume of fees contributed by the insured is used to pay compensation. The remaining 20% goes to the remuneration of IBISA and the local partners, which are the sales channel for the provision of the insurance service to farmers.

Each month IBISA makes an automatic evaluation and when a group is selected to receive compensation, this is done quickly, through a partial or total payment, through mobile money, without the need of a claim. A system that is very fast and advantageous for the farmer.

IBISA is integrated by a team of experts in inclusive insurance and Blockchain. It is led by María Mateo Iborra, an expert in Blockchain technology, space and satellite communications in Europe, sectors in which she has developed her career since 2005.

Finally, IBISA is funded by the European Space Agency and the Government of Luxembourg and has been recognized in the ‘KPMG Fintech Awards Financial Inclusion’ and presented on the London Stock Exchange.

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