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How does the new Google section help your company?

Google lacks a system like the Facebook Pages so that companies and businesses can address their audience. But even so, search results are increasing the number of options available to companies by displaying their information in the search engine. Recently, Google added the ability to display information relating to the products of a company.

Google, by the side of businesses

Google continues to add search engine tools that allow a company or business to customize how users will see their business when they search for it on the platform

Now, the company will allow companies to show information regarding the offers they have in active. In this way, users looking for a business (either through the traditional search engine or through Google Maps) can see the discounts and special offers, which can undoubtedly be a boost to the clientele.

To add offers to the search form, you have to do it through the Google My Business app. Here, you have to add a post by clicking on the “offer” button, which will allow you to add all kinds of details related to this offer as promotional codes or any other requirement. Up to ten offers can be added.

Little by little

Although Google does not have the social characteristics of platforms such as Facebook, the company seems determined to include them little by little in its search engine, without the need to create a social network of its own (something that has not gone too well on previous occasions).

Google, the main deal for many companies

We must remember that Google is, for many companies and businesses, the main asset when it comes to increasing visibility on the Internet and receiving traffic. Therefore, it is important in any online marketing strategy to consider the use of the Google My Business app to fully customize the appearance of a business in the search engine.

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