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How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing With Email Campaigns

Do you need a hand with your affiliate marketing email campaign? If the answer is ‘yes’, you are at the right place.

Affiliate marketing takes many forms, including social media, blog entries, and even video content. But, if you don’t run regular email marketing campaigns, you may be missing out on more sales and money. The truth is that email is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Every day, most individuals check their inboxes. Thus, you can increase clicks and provide high-quality leads to the websites of your partner companies by properly executing a campaign. After all, subscribers gave their email addresses voluntarily because they are interested in what you have to say or sell.

Therefore, producing exclusive content (including affiliate links) for your recipients can help you grow your list. What’s more, personalising emails based on your contacts’ data enhances open rates and engagement, giving customers more chances to notice and click on your affiliate links.

For those reasons, email marketing tools are great allies. Yet, they turn their backs on affiliate marketing. As a result, we looked for an email marketing solution that has no problem with the practice and can boost it with email campaigns.


If you want to boost your affiliate marketing with email campaigns, Postr is the ideal software for you. To begin with, it opens its doors to any industry: Affiliate marketing, Adult Content, Cannabis Businesses, Pharmaceutical products, Casino and Gambling services or products, Multi-level marketing, Sports Betting, Cryptocurrencies, and other materials rejected by traditional email marketing tools.

Additionally, Postr‘s motto is customisation. The service believes it is the key to raising conversions and open rates (up to 70%!). That’s why it gives you total control over email designs –not even branding watermarks included– no matter which plans you get. And don’t worry about code. There are 20 responsive HTML templates you can use to craft your campaigns faster.

Furthermore, Postr guarantees high deliverability. Due to being committed to business growth, the platform delivers your marketing email to customers on time, every time. Hence, no content gets lost in cyberspace or arrives eventually to the intended audience. Plus, you can monitor your campaign’s performance to acknowledge what your subscribers want and what they don’t.

Last but not least, Postr is all about sending more while spending less because you only pay for what you send, with no hidden fees. So you can benefit from its email marketing tools at an affordable budget. But if you feel like not spending a penny, it’s okay. You can try Postr under no charges. The free plan enables you to send 1,000 emails to a list of up to 200 subscribers every month.

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