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How To Get The Latest Sugar Rates From BMF

Do you have a company in Brazil that needs to stock up with huge amounts of sugar? Well, if that is your case, we have good news for you. Below we will offer you the best tool to obtain BMF rates. It is the best commodities prices API.

Sugar is the popular name by which sucrose is known, also called common sugar, which is the most widely used in the world. Sucrose is a disaccharide formed by a molecule of glucose and one of fructose, which is obtained mainly from sugar cane or sugar beet. Currently, it is one of the most used products worldwide in the kitchen, especially in pastries or to make smoothies, as it is a type of simple carbohydrate that the body needs for energy. It is also very common in coffee or soft drinks due to its sweetening power.

The total annual consumption of sugar worldwide is around 24 kilograms per person, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The most consumed type of sugar is white sugar, which is subjected to a 100% chemical refining process where it loses all its properties. However, as long as it is consumed moderately in daily life, sugar can have different benefits, especially energy benefits, for humans. It helps fight depression or anxiety, reduces the feeling of tiredness and reduces bodily discomfort caused by hypoglycemia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming only about 25 grams per day per person. Be that as it may, its use as a universal sweetener is unquestionable. That is why, if your Brazilian company or business needs to obtain sugar rates from the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (13th largest stock exchange in the world), one of the best alternatives is to use Commodities-API. It is one of the best services if you are looking for a commodity price API.

Why Commodities-API?

As its name indicates (Commodities-API), this system is actually an API (Application Programming Interface), which is public, free, fast and easy to use. Its objective is to offer you the possibility of seeing the prices of basic products such as crude oil, rice or sugar, the product you want. If you want to get this information, you just have to register on its website, select an available plan (free, basic and professional), receive the API key and then look for the symbol of the product (sugar) and the currency of Brazil (Brazilian Real). But first, we recommend reviewing the documentation on the website, so you will be 100% ready to understand this system.

On the other hand, the sugar data is provided with a precision of 2 decimal places and an update frequency of only 60 seconds. Keep in mind that the latter will depend on the plan you choose, the benefits of the free plan with the paid plan are different.

Don’t worry if there’s anything you don’t understand or if you have any questions, the company’s customer service is online from 10am to 7pm ET to help you. Simply send a message via the contact form or email and the customer support team will be with you shortly. Urgent requests are usually handled within minutes.

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