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How to start a virtual office for your startup

The Google My Business Platform site is one of the most important platforms for startups to know. Every day, thousands of potential customers use Google search for the services or products they can offer, and it can be difficult to excel.

Google My Business does not accept post office boxes as a business address, so you will need a physical business address to start. You can register on Google My Business using the Business Address provided through the Starthub Virtual Office, which is a physical office space in Miami, Florida.

A Virtual Office offers you the possibility to register your business, open a commercial bank account, receive mail and packages, and in some cases you can even offer a live receptionist.

So, how does this help your business?

Increase your online presence

Google My Business is your main way to manage and increase your presence and appearance online in Google Search and Google Maps, and increases your search visibility. When a customer searches your business on Google, a knowledge panel will appear on the right side of the screen, with an overview of all your business information. You can post hours, images, ratings and more. This can give potential customers enough data to have an idea of whether they want to work with you. Startups that publish images of your product or service in your Google listing receive 35% more clicks from your website than those that do not. An online presence can be the difference between a potential customer and a long-term customer.

Reach more customers

When customers search for a specific service or product, they are likely to only search for it on Google. Having a business profile engaged in Google can help you differentiate yourself from the rest and provide your customers with a better experience. In addition, it can also attract more traffic to your business and website. You can post new offers and offers, promote a new product or share recent news that reaches a different type of customer. Google My Business is also linked to the Google map, which now allows users to send internal messages while they search for your business.

Improve your professional image

There are many ways in which a client decides to use a business, but the main one is his professional image. When searching for business, most customers will automatically check business reviews, Google score and images. By making sure that your customers are leaving comments and that your images are up to date, you are already moving away from the competition. You can also respond directly to published opinions, which shows your clients that you are truly committed to all customers.

Be accessible to your customers

It is not possible to answer all the questions on Google, but with your phone number, email and business hours listed, your potential customers and customers will find it much easier to request more information. With a Virtual Office, you can even have someone answer these incoming calls to further improve your business image and then transfer calls. Accessibility is a priority for 95% of customers, why take a chance when you can simply post your business contact information in your Google knowledge panel?

How do I start?

Register in Google My Business with the address and information of your business. You want to make sure you are choosing the right primary and secondary category to increase your listing range. If you only offer something truly specific, choosing a category in Google My Business is simple. However, if you have a broader spectrum of services and / or products offered, you will want to prioritize which customers you want to attract primarily. Be specific in what services you want to offer and focus. Once you have completed this information, you will receive a verification code by mail within 5-7 days.

Once verified, in your Google My Business control panel, you have a variety of options that you can explore: information, comments, messages, photos and information. You can create an ad through this portal to show it together with your knowledge panel, or create a publication with an event, an offer, a product or to highlight the news of your business. This publication can redirect the client directly to your website and increase your traffic. With the control panel, you are always in control.

Using your business resources correctly can help accelerate your business and put you on the fast track to profitability. Google is an excellent and easy tool that any company can use to grow in the long term.

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