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How to take advantage of social networks to increase sales of your business?

The Peruvian consumer has changed over the years. Now, new technologies have made it more watery, always looking to be informed before purchasing a new product and compare to the wide range of offers, especially in social networks. Given this scenario, what should companies do to attract customers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube?

A study by Kantar TNS said that 94% of Peruvian consumers buy a product based on what they find on the Internet and 50% check information on their smartphones only when they are in the store. In addition, 80% of consumers watch online videos before purchase, related to the product offered by the brand, as well as the experience of other users with it.

Given this, Martin Salirrosas, CEO of ReponGO, a marketing-focused startup for SMEs and that is being accelerated by LIQUID Venture Studio, comments that “the Peruvian consumer has become a more demanding one, because they are more informed, those who It makes them open to new products. This complicates companies when retaining them in order to retain them with a brand, since they are no longer surprised by them, becoming more active when claiming for a product. The increase in competition, both national and international, causes the purchase decision to be more dynamic for the consumer. This is reflected in that 73% of entrepreneurs revealed, according to Arellano Marketing, that their customers have changed in the last five years, becoming more prone to new proposals and product offerings”.

The study also revealed that most Peruvians prefer to have a digital assistant to help them buy, view prices and buy food at home. Faced with this, companies must discover those key moments when buyers need help and how to be useful at all stages of the journey until purchase.

If what is sought then is to attract customers and increase sales using technology and the high reach of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, Julio Talledo, Digital Break Manager recommends the following:

Know your ideal user or client

The customer always has different motivations to generate a purchase. Do we know what you are looking for, at what time and why you should buy us and not the competition? Knowing the user will allow us to act quickly and strategically, providing the value proposition of our product or service, at the right time and attending to the motivation for which you are looking to generate a transaction.

Focus on Instagram

The growth of Instagram is indisputable and is positioned today as the best platform to offer products and services because of the great scope and interaction that it generates between brands and users. Focus should be placed on micro influencers, as they generate engagement with the audience and can help in the purchase decision.


When making a purchase, users often research and search your business on Google or read comments on your Facebook page. Remember to spread the experiences to position positive content about your product or service. What other users say is more credible, look for the most suitable photo or video format to communicate it.

Quick response

It should be remembered that a positive shopping experience can be born from a quick and effective response in social networks. Customer service is key and will depend on the operational capacity of your company and the importance you give to each sales channel. An average user expects their response to be answered within 40 minutes.

Finally, let’s always be clear about the objective pursued in social networks. From here, it sets particular objectives for each social network; The interaction itself may not help you if it does not result in a business or commercial objective. Remember that all channels are different and that audiences behave differently.

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