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Innovation and agility to succeed in the business of online travel startups

A key attribute to being a successful startup is having the ability to grow and transform in order to provide a service that differentiates itself.

Innovation and agility

Two words that describe in a timely manner not only the technology of today but also the world of travel. They are also two essential ingredients for a startup or start-up company. A key attribute to being a successful startup, especially in the ever-changing world of tourism, is to have the ability to grow and transform to provide a service that differs from others. All this while taking into account the needs of the millions of travellers who are increasingly facing greater challenges in terms of choice of services, as well as an increasing amount of information.

Amadeus for Startups

At the beginning of June 2017, Amadeus launched the ‘Amadeus for Startups’ in Latin America, a program focused on the needs of travel startups, providing them with first-class technology, business experience and consulting support to overcome them. the complexities that the industry brings.


The program will allow access to one of the largest repositories of content and travel information in the world and its technology, industry leader, search and automation, among other tools.

Tourism continues to be one of the most profitable sectors to undertake and invest, with no limits to the originality that can be injected into new travel startup projects, and where Amadeus will provide support and guide entrepreneurs to succeed in such a space lucrative as competitive.

Amadeus Ventures

In 2014, Amadeus launched Amadeus Ventures, an Amadeus IT Group fund whose purpose is to invest in startups in the travel and technology sector. The fund allows access to one of the world’s largest repositories of travel records, as well as leading industry technologies, such as flight search, hotel content and travel intelligence.

Innovation and agility as engines

Nowadays, it is very important to reach customers at the right time with the right information to be of value to them. Today’s travellers seek beyond a solution: an experience.

It is always crucial to be aware of the habits and ways in which information is accessed. An example is a mobile phone, a device that has become a centre of opportunities for startups, facilitating the experience and communication constantly. Portable technology is rapidly gaining ground, and by 2020, smartphone subscriptions worldwide will be projected at 6.1 million and these numbers will continue to rise as prices decline.

Amadeus recognizes the importance of innovation and originality in the ideas of entrepreneurs. Through our platforms and programs for travel startups, we guide and connect these entrepreneurs with the most successful cases in the region making them part of the Amadeus customer network. Also, we put experts in the industry at your disposal to not only establish but grow your business quickly and professionally.

In addition, we have innovated the way in which searches are generated online with our Search tool, making search results available in a matter of seconds. This will undoubtedly be part of the ecosystem of travel and startups because it provides the immediacy with which the generations that consume the trips nowadays and who will consume them in the future, require. Of course, this type of facilities are also basic for a travel startup to be competitive today.

Just as immediacy is relevant, the personalization of information becomes increasingly important. That is why Amadeus has also developed the technology that allows us to identify and provide an adequate solution for all travellers, offering solutions that are tailored to your needs: whether you are a business traveller, if you travel with your family, backpacker, etc.

Many of the travel companies that have been able to generate a great impact have been those that have been able to find a window of opportunity where there was still a gap in the market and a need. And those who have built something with some improvement based on something that existed in the market. However, no matter what stage a startup is in – be it online travel agencies, travel content providers, IT entrepreneurs or even companies seeking support – it is always important to have a strong technological backing that will serve as the driving force behind putting any innovation and idea in motion in an agile and fluid way.

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