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Innsomnia gathers its best startups

They have discussed the possibilities of internationalization

About 40 startups from sectors as diverse as finance, insurance, agriculture or industry have participated

Innsomnia has organized its Tech Market at Forinvest 2019, in which nearly 40 national and international startups will participate in sectors as diverse as finance, insurance, agriculture or industry.

Getting to know each other

During this first day, the fintech and insurtech startups have had the opportunity to publicize their trajectories and to make contact with potential investors. Four companies -Afterbanks, PangeaMT, Inbest and The Logic Value- have participated in the round table The Valencian fintech conquers the international scene: startups in the world hand in hand with Innsomnia, in which the Belgian accelerator B-Hive has also taken part .

Their experiences mark two clear conclusions. One of them is that, to internationalize, the fintech seeks a corporate ally. Accelerators such as Innsomnia or B-Hive play a fundamental role, helping to “reduce the risks that companies should take if launched by themselves”. The fintech in a phase of growth more incipient, opt for “the direct sale and for promoting a direct contact with the client before being leveraged in a big force”, has related Manuel Peleteiro, of Inbest.

More partnerships formalizing

On the other hand, the representative of B-Hive has announced that, together with Innsomnia and other international partners, they are formalizing a pan-European network that will serve as a bridge to Asia, the United States and Latin America. This last market is a generalized focus for the development of all the startups involved. “Digitization has not yet arrived as we live here and Spain occupies, for cultural reasons, a preferential space to export its expertise and know-how,” said Gabriel Toribio, of The Logic Value.

If the fintech and insurtech today took center stage, tomorrow will be the companies that develop solutions for Agriculture and Industry 4.0 which will have greater representation. Again about 20 reference startups will be at the Innsomnia stand. Tomorrow, the round table will be entitled Next step: Agrotech, and will be held from 11.00 to 11.40 in the space reserved for the Innovation & Fintech Forum.

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