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Invest More Easily In Crude Oil With This API.

Would you like to buy crude oil for your company or business? Need to get prices but don’t know where to look for them? Well, if that is your case, we have very good news for you. Next we will show you a tool, the best crude oil rates API.

When talking about oil, we must distinguish between crude oil and refined products. Crude oils are complex mixtures of various hydrocarbons of different weight and molecular structure, ranging from simple and highly volatile substances to asphaltic compounds that cannot be distilled. The products, derived from the crude oil refining process, have physical and chemical properties that depend on the nature of the crude oil and the different processes to which they have been subjected.

Today, oil is an energy source of great importance in the modern world. Through the application of refining processes, a wide range of commercial products can be made available to the consumer. For example, energy products such as specific fuels for transportation, agriculture, industry, the generation of electricity and for domestic use. Special products such as lubricants, asphalts, vehicle greases and products for industrial use. It can also be used as a raw material for the basic petrochemical industry: plastics, acrylics, gloves, paints, various containers, detergents, textile fibers, insecticides, etc.

However, oil is not experiencing its best moments to invest in it. In the last twelve months, the price of a barrel of OPEC oil has increased by 64.86%. OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. One of the causes is the war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia provides 27% of crude oil to the European Union). The only option in these cases is to be up to date with prices and thus decide when the best time to invest will be. For this, we recommend using the Commodities-API service, the best commodity price API.

Invest More Easily In Crude Oil With This API.

Why Commodities-API?

This service has the main objective of saving you time and money. Every minute, this API receives price information from more than 15 reliable data sources, such as banks and financial institutions, which certify the reliability of the information. All of this crude oil information is delivered in real time with an accuracy of 2 decimal places and a frequency of up to 60 seconds. In other words, with the help of these features, you will obtain the updated prices of crude oil and, by analyzing the information, you will be able to know when is the best time to invest.

To see crude oil rates, we recommend following these steps:

1- Access
2- Generate the API key.
3- Register with your personal data and then choose a plan. Currently Commodities-API has 3 plans, free, basic and professional. Check carefully what are the differences between each one.
4- When you finish the above, select the crude oil symbols and the currency in which you want to see the prices.
5- Once selected, make the API Call.
6-As a programming language you have the option of using JSON or PHP.

Doubts? Questions? Use the virtual chat to communicate with a Commodities-API advisor. Also, you can send an email to [email protected]. Urgent requests are usually handled within minutes.

Invest More Easily In Crude Oil With This API.
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