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Ip Geolocation API For Geographic Restrictions

Do you need to create geographic restrictions on your website? Don’t want people from all over the world to have access to your content? If so, I recommend you to continue reading this article as it provides all the information on how to do it. Go ahead, and don’t miss anything.

There are several reasons why many blog or news site owners do not want people from a specific part of the world to enter their site. These are particular reasons of each owner and we obviously respect them, that’s why we want to tell you how to generate the restrictions.


There are lots of APIs that allow you to geolocate the IP address of visitors. In this way, information is obtained to block access to the site for people coming from a site that we don’t want them to access. Through this API and with the IP address we can find out a lot of information about the visitors.

Ip Geolocation API For Geographic Restrictions

Let’s tell you, an IP address is a set of numbers. So, they identify and logically and hierarchically assemble what is known as an interface in the network of a device. These types of devices generally use the appropriate protocol. This refers to the network level of the TCP/IP model.

Ip Geolocation API For Geographic Restrictions

The main purpose of such an address is to be able to identify and locate a device on an internal or external network. It is a number that identifies an interface. Meanwhile it can identify a PC, a tablet or any other device that connects to the internet.

Online there are many APIs that allow you to geolocate the IP address. But according to our criteria and after an extensive search, we came to the conclusion that the best one is ipXapi. This software allows us to obtain accurate and high-quality information. However users only have to sign up in order to use and implement it if it is not for commercial purposes.

Here are the steps to get started:

1. Navigate to

2. Type in your IP address or press the “look up” button.

3. Wait no more than 2 seconds

4. You’re finished!

5. You now have the IP address that you wish to use.

There are various plans available depending on how you intend to use this API. Finally, that toll was designed with scalability and usability in mind. It actually takes less than ten minutes to put in place. Also, it is worth noting that it is used by the world’s best developers and large corporations.

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