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Is it good for your startup to work with large companies?

Josef Brunner has been self-employed since he was 16 and has known the Startup world for quite some time. Years ago, he founded the energy startup JouleX, 2015, he took over the post of Relayr.

About his company

The company from Berlin is developing an Internet of Things platform for corporate customers, in which device data will flow together digitally.

Three years after assuming office, Brunner was able to announce a 300 million exit to the insurer Munich Re. So he knows the old and the new world.

Tips for starters

He has given young founders tips on what startups need to consider when working with large companies.

If, for example, a corporate partner starts to become unfair in the contract negotiations, that is the wrong partner and you should let the deal pass, says Brunner.

In addition, he gives advice on when is the right time for a corporate cooperation, which basically speaks for or against cooperation and how such a deal could be completed – should the startup because then decide.

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