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Keep Your Outlook Account Safe By Using Disposable Emails

Are you looking for a way to keep your Outlook account safe by using disposable emails? Then, take a look at this article because here we will introduce you to the best tool that can help you with that!

It is known by anyone that spends a considerable time on the Internet that virus and cyberattacks are an issue to be concerned about. Specially when you receive unknown email and lots of spam. Clicking on the wrong link or downloading malicious attached files from your inbox could lead to a headache-inducing disaster.

As you surely already know,  a virus is software that is intended to alter the normal operation of any type of computing device, without the user’s permission or knowledge, primarily to achieve malicious purposes on the device. Email inboxes are the best way for virus to enter your PC and also stole your personal information. 

Keep Your Outlook Account Safe By Using Disposable Emails

Nevertheless, there are ways to defend your Outlook account from harmful software programs and even prevent it from clogging with spam or annoying verification mails usually required to sign in online services. One of the choices you can take in order to avoid all that things from happening is using a forwarding email API. 

What Is A Temporary Email API?

These software programs are developed in order to keep your main inbox safe. These APIs allow you to create secondaries email accounts, that can receive and deliver email and will expire after a certain period of time. 

Most important, these APIs enable you to read any incoming email from its platform before opening them from your main email inbox, as well as redirect any message to the account you want. They also enable you to delete any suspicious email you may receive without having to open it. Thus, in case you were wondering, you do not have to give any personal information to create new temporary email accounts, so your identity and your personal details maintain secured.

So, if the temporary address is hacked, there will be less important information available to access and exploit fraudulently. For this reason, these APIs started to be used by both web professionals and non-professionals internet users.

Keep Your Outlook Account Secure With The Best Forwarding Email API

Keep Your Outlook Account Safe By Using Disposable Emails

At this point, you should not hesitate to start using one yourself in order to keep your main email address safe. So, we will introduce you to the best temporary email API available in 2022: Mailet

This API was created using cutting-edge technology to assist users all around the world in creating one-hour disposable email accounts. Mailet also ensures that their inboxes are redirected to the email address you specify. You can read incoming emails using its user interface or API if you use it.

In addition, when you sign up for Mailet, you will receive three days of free service. If you wish to keep using it, though, you may upgrade to the Basic or Pro plan for a week or a month, respectively. You can also have up to 100 email addresses at once, depending on your preferences.

How To Use It

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the email address from the top right corner.
  3. Use it to sign up in any online service.
  4. Read incoming emails in your inbox.

Now you know everything you need to keep your Outlook account safe. Start trying Mailet and enjoy a clean and secure mailbox.

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