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Learn from the greatest: Why e-car startups are ruling the world

Sono Motors presents series design of its E-car Sion. Sono Motors introduces the planned design of its solar cell e-car.

The first pics are live

In an online release, the electric car startup from Munich Sono Motors has now published the first pictures of the production version of his planned first e-car. The peculiarity of the Sion: It should be the first mass-produced e-car with solar integration.

The first pictures of the Sion series design show that the outstanding distinguishing feature of the Sion is – as expected – its solar modules. Fully integrated into the bodywork, they are the design-defining unique feature of the vehicle. In addition, it shows: The Sion gets bigger, longer and wider, emphasizes his vehicle shoulder and looks altogether stretched. The production version of the five-door Solar Electric Vehicle has more foot and interior space than previously planned, and an additional rear side window provides a clearer all-round view.

Sion reservations were involved in deciding on selected vehicle details through community voting – a first in vehicle development.

CO2-compensated electric car with integrated sharing functions

With the Sion, a CO2-compensated electric car comes on the market, which also relies on connectivity and intelligent applications: It has integrated sharing options. So can be shared via an app the vehicle itself, a ride and qua bidirectional charging function and energy. The solar cells of the Sion can generate up to 34 kilometers of additional range daily, which is well above the distance of 17 kilometers, the commuters in Germany on average travel to work.

According to the company, Sono Motors currently has 9,500 reservations for the Sion. The vehicle will be delivered at the market launch in an equipment variant for the price of 25,500 euros.

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