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Meet these 5 mobility startups and get ideas!

The nominated startups


The Upper Austrian startup has dedicated itself to the topic of corporate carpooling. Software is about driving as many employees as possible into the company with as few cars as possible. So Carployee wants to provide less traffic and help companies to reduce CO2.


The Vienna platform CorpLife has Clevexa, a new tool for companies ready, with employees in a digital logbook about the mileage on business trips via app can automatically capture. This should help companies to save time and money.

The startup is working on a solution that tracks bus utilization in real time. These data are transmitted to a central office. Along with data on how many people are waiting at which stops, the routes of buses should be optimized according to the actual needs.

The Vienna startup helps users find, reserve and use cheap parking spaces in private garages quickly and easily. The parking spaces can be found via smartphone apps in Vienna.

With the Startup app, motorcyclists can set up live tracking so that friends or family members can follow the user in real time on their route. With the help of an automatic accident detection and alerting help should be called in an emergency.

VR glasses

Why put learner drivers behind the wheel if they can first acquire basics with VR glasses? Using Virtual Reality, this project aims to make young people first learn to drive a car in virtual reality before they hit the road. In a protected environment, learner drivers are put into hot traffic situations with the aid of virtual reality.


The Tyrolean e-mobility company Greenstorm has already attracted attention with a million-euro investment. The extraordinary concept: bicycles and sometimes also e-cars are bought in large quantities directly from the manufacturer. Hotels can use the bikes against hotel vouchers for one season for hotel guests.

Vello Bike

The Viennese company Vello Bike around entrepreneur Valerie Wolff breathed new life into the folding bike. The foldable electric bike “made in Austria” can be easily transported thanks to a patented folding system and low weight

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