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Most Effective APIs To Easily Obtain Coal Prices In 2023

Are you looking for the most effective APIs to easily obtain coal prices in 2023? If the answer is yes, keep reading!

A fossil fuel called coal is created when plant material accumulates and is preserved over a long period of time. It includes a variety of additional elements, including as sulfur, oxide, chlorine, and oxygen; as well as varying amounts of carbon, which makes up the majority of it. Also, Anthracite and Bituminous are the two main classes, depending on whether it has undergone substantial processing or not.

Due to its extensive use, which includes: energy production, home heating, and as a raw ingredient in the chemical industry; coal has a large and obvious market from an economic perspective. In fact, it has become clear that there is a rising need for coal in every part of the world. For instance, due to their expensive manufacture, Europe, North America, and Asia are the three largest consumers of coal.

So, if you are looking to invest in this commodity any time soon; we suggest to keep track on coal prices movements with the help of one of these reliable and effective APIs for commodities prices.

Which Are The Most Effective APIs To Obtain Coal Prices Today?

Using an API for commodities prices is the quickest and most straightforward approach to immediately find correct prices from trustworthy sources. This tool gathers information on commodities from reliable sources and quickly transfers it to your software. However, not all of the APIs that are readily available today are safe or reliable. This is due to the possibility of them coming from dubious API vendors!

In light of all of this, we want to assist you in making a choice by giving you details on three of the most effective APIs for commodities prices that are now on the market. These three are all inexpensive, safe, and simple to use!


The pricing of many commodities, including wheat, rice, coffee, and sugar, is shown using Commodities-API; a reputable and well-known open API. It quickly compiles price information from more than 15 reliable data sources, including banks and other financial institutions, and provides it to you.

Furthermore, Commodities-API offers data in more than 170 different currencies with a two-decimal place accuracy. According on the subscription you choose, you can receive data updates every 60 seconds and send up to 100.000 API queries every month. Because it uses bank-level security, is also a rather safe API to use. As a result, the top-notch 256-bit SSL encryption will protect your connection to Commodities-API.

Nasdaq Data Link’s Commodity Price API

Nasdaq Data Link is another well-known website where you may access financial, economic, and alternative datasets. One of the various financial data APIs that are available is a commodity price API. You will have access to over 100 different commodities using this API, including the cost of gold, silver, and oil.

Additionally, you have access to daily spot prices as well as historical commodity prices through this user-friendly API. Nasdaq Data Link’s API for commodities prices is without a doubt one of the simplest ways to search for and download commodity prices with its variety of software tools, including R and Python.

Open Exchange Rates API

Open Exchange Rates offers a portable, secure, and easy API with exchange rates available for more than 150 different currencies throughout the world. To ensure fairness and objectivity, the material is compiled from a variety of trustworthy sources and algorithmically blended.

The information used to create the exchange forms that are made available through the Open Exchange Rates API is gathered from a number of reliable sources, and it is then provided to all users in JSON format before being made public. In order to ensure the security of your connection with this API, it also makes use of high-level encryption.

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