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Looking For An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI? Take A Look

If you’ve been struggling to find an alternative to MetalPriceAPI, then you might have struck gold here. This brief article gives you an overview of some options that can give you data on metals and more.

There is no doubt that precious metals and jewels are some of the strongest goods which hold value across time. Historically, they have been important from even the ancient ages. Nowadays, metals find themselves in market commerce as practically any good. However, they may be treated as most goods and items but, the metal market runs on different rules.

Like most other market scenes, it’s important to hold information, whether as a seller or buyer, as either a individual trader or as part of a finance company. Knowledge is worth more that many metals actually, well not so but you get the point. Getting back on track, if knowledge is so vital to have, how can one get it fast and easy?

You might already have the answer in your head; just use an API like MetalPriceAPI to get all the relevant data you need from prices, conversions and more. However, what you might not know is that you can also use an alternative to MetalPriceAPI. Well, not one, but actually three, here they are so check them out!

Looking For An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI? Take A Look

Which API Can Be An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI?

There are many options from which you can choose from online. However, the task of finding one could be too much. Luckily, we’ve narrowed your possible selection to three great options! Check them out and see which one seems right for you!

Metals API

Being one of the most useful APIs for getting metals data. Metals API has a simple yet strong and efficient system. It gives you a huge amount of information, including the most recent metal prices, exchange rates, statistical data, peaks and valleys, and much more which will, no doubt, give you a great insight on the metal market.

Looking For An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI? Take A Look

The way in which Metals API works is by taking calls from your point and then, based on what you ask, returns a data response. These calls contains the endpoints which detail the type of data that has to be searched. These very same endpoints are in the Documentation Page and each details which parameters need to be complete for better results.

Don’t forget that in order to use the API endpoints, you must also have a registered account, which provides you with an Access Key. This key allows you to connect to the endpoint and retrieve the API response. As said, the Documentation Page offers more information and a detailed guide on how to make the calls. Besides that, it can tell what programming languages can this API integrate with.

You have 50 calls accessible each month with your standard subscription. Nonetheless, Metals API offers a variety of choices for extending and, as a result, getting more calls and even reducing the status update time.


Looking For An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI? Take A Look

Many people prefer Xignite. It’s well-designed and uses a user-friendly layout to put users at ease while still giving them all of the possible information they can get about metals and more. Now, what sets Xignite from other APIs is that it was meant for other programmers to use. So, basically, it’s a fantastic API that can be used to code in a variety of computer languages which makes it ideal for developers. Overall, the API has great adaptability to its user.


Kitco is a versatile and strong website that fulfills a variety of functions. It provides a lot of information ranging from metals and prices to mining data and much more related to finance. It can even function as a news medium, as it contains sections that display news and articles relevant to the economics and market problems.

Looking For An Alternative To MetalPriceAPI? Take A Look

While its design may make it appear challenging to use at first, don’t fret; after you start using it, you’ll realize how simple and quick it is. Sign up for the site to have access to statistics and charts for valuable metals such as gold, silver, bronze, and others.

Don’t waste a minute and just pick your favorite out of these great options use as an alternative to MetalPriceAPI.

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