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Need A Quick Five Minutes Temporary Email? Then Check These Tools!

Do you need a quick five minutes temporary email? Then, check these tools! Here, we will introduce you to the best disposable email APIs available in 2022!

Temporary emails are really useful in a lot of ways. They can be entered when wanting to sign in any service online, which is one of their most outstanding usages, as nowadays, you are commonly required to give away personal details when submitting one of these platforms or apps. 

This is why temporary email are becoming very common, especially in Internet users with non-professional purposes. Why? Because it is  the perfect and easiest way to prevent spam and personal inboxes get clogged with unwanted email you just do not want to receive. 

Thus, disposable emails also are used to take advantage of free plans of streaming services, like Amazon, Hulu or even YouTube. Besides, they can also be employed to set up social media profiles and still keep your anonymity. 

Nevertheless, these accounts are also used by developers who need to do email testing before products or services are launched to the market. For them, using temporary email accounts is a good way to prevent them from having to give away personal information, or wasting time creating normal email addresses. 

Let’s remember that burner emails are email accounts that can be created without entering any personal details, so they are an excellent tool to maintain anonymity. Depending on the provider you choose, incoming email can be forwarded to another email address, and they can expire after a certain period of time. 

Besides, nowadays, there are a wide variety of temporary email APIs that have been developed to help users to set up several email addresses just in a few seconds. If you are in need of a quick API that can help you create a five-minute temporary email, you are in the right place because we will now introduce you to the best disposable email APIs available. 


Mailet is the most advanced disposable email service. It can provide temporary, free, safe, and anonymous email addresses that you can use to sign up for internet services, social media, and read incoming emails while keeping your main inbox away from spam and secure. Most importantly, because of its user-friendly design, you can use Mailet quickly and effectively. 

Finally, one of its most advantageous features is that its Basic plan includes unlimited storage for email messages, allowing you to use up to 10 email addresses at the same time. We strongly recommend Mailet if what you are looking is to create a five-minute email account in a brief. 

Burner email

This platform can forward your emails to your private account, allowing you to keep your inbox clean and your identity safe and private. Burner Mail is a collection of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that allow you to create and use email aliases. Emails sent out to these addresses are routed to your email. As a result, its Premium plan will help you to get unlimited inboxes, ensuring that you always have enough storage capacity to use as you both want and need.


Using this platform, you can create an email address that will expire in 10 minutes. It’s typically used by people who need to sign up for a service that requires an email address to create and send email verification to. Even though the expiration date is approaching, you can still check the emails in the account you created.

We have already gone through the most outstanding temporary email APIs when needing a five-minute temporary email. You can check out their advantages by yourself and see how they result!

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