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New IT Innovation For Businessmen and Professionals

On the morning of January 31, professionals, experts, digital technicians and a large part of the IT business community met at the BBVA Open Space, Madrid.

The reason was the presentation of the eBook of trends and innovations in open source and free software: Open IT Innovation Trends 2019.

The 3rd edition of this eBook presents a study that gathers the vision of more than 100 professionals, national and international, about its forecast for this year in topics such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Digital Disruption, Cybersecurity, AI and, of course, Open Source and free software

The presentation of the trends was made by Paco Estrada, Communicator specialized in free software and hardware, open source and open technologies and Producer of Compiling Podcast, who exposed them by sector. In the Government sector and public sector administrations, the use of Blockchain, Big Data management, Internet services and Artificial Intelligence stand out.

In the telecommunications industry, they tend to automate, use Bots, manage information in the Cloud, container dockers, Artificial Intelligence, the internet of things and virtual reality.

In the field of Finance and Fintech, the Blockchain, Open Bank and the integrating platforms are trends. In the education sector, on the other hand, they lead actions of Augmented Reality, gamification, Artificial Intelligence, the internet of things, immersive experience and virtual reality. In the health sector Artificial Intelligence and The Integrated Cloud are creating the difference, while in the Transport and Tourism sector the use of Big Data tools, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things will be key tools for the development of new solutions . In the case of IoT and Smart Cities, service aggregators, APIs, Progressive Web Applications, and geolocation tools will become key.

The hyper-connectivity trend creates new fronts in the Cybersecurity world, while the continuous integration and collaboration, as well as more CRM solutions, will undoubtedly mark the trend of the sector towards customer-oriented Cloud products and services. The three key tools that will support digital transformation will be the use of advanced analytics, the Internet of things and collaborative business models.

The global visions focus on the use of BigData, deepening the analysis of the data, the Artificial Intelligence applied to all sectors, and the Internet of Things, strengthening the global connection.

Right after the presentation, representatives from different sectors: José Andrés Jiménez Martín, ICT Technical Advisor of the Congress of Deputies (Government Sector), Amparo Marín de la Bárcena Grau, Director of Implementation (CIO Unit) at Banco Santander (Financial Sector) , Laura Tordera, Head of Research & Development of Ferrovial-Agroman (Transport Sector), Montse Guard of Alastria Blockchain General Manager Ecosystem and David Rey Blanco, Chief Data Officer of Idealista / Data (Digital Real Estate Sector), accompanied by Philippe Lardy, CEO of OpenExpo Europe, participated in a Round Table where they gave their opinions and shared experiences based on their projects based on Open Source.

Some of the ideas generated that were expressed as conclusions are that we must pay special attention to changes in the business model and business culture, since it is necessary not only to attract talent, but also to openly collaborate at the same level despite the differences in age, in addition to giving opportunities to internal talent and allowing employees to go further.

It has been highlighted that Spain is a pioneer country in terms of opening data and is an area in which it is investing publicly.

As challenges, it is mentioned that this year one of the most important is to be able to innovate with the abilities of others.

As a suggestion, they stated that supporting startups means supporting ideas and, therefore, supporting people. They emphasize that it is good to support technologies, but that it is key to develop a collaboration methodology so that existing data becomes information and then knowledge, which are the ones that bring added value to companies.

In 2019 the theme of open source projects is no longer a disruptive trend, but a reality. What was a trend years ago, is consolidated in organizations and becomes the modus operandi and stands out because they are changing our way of thinking, feeling and acting.

After the interactive session of questions and answers in the round table, attendees had the opportunity to interact and network during an aperitif that closed the morning of Innovations and Trends in Open Source and Free Software

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