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Obtain Ethanol Rates in New Zealand Dollar Using This API

Do you live in New Zealand and want to buy ethanol for your industry? If that is the case for you, we have an important tool to see the prices of this commodity.

Ethanol is an alcohol produced from the fermentation of sugars and can be used in industry, beverages and vehicles. The process to produce ethanol is very similar for each of the raw materials, the most efficient is the process with sugars, since it goes directly to the fermentation process until it reaches the dehydration process so that the ethanol can be mixed with gasoline.

More than 30 countries in the world mix ethanol in gasoline for the following reasons: Reduce emissions from the transportation sector, comply with international agreements to reduce emissions, reduce the use of fossil fuels, energy independence, save foreign exchange, improve air quality and the health of its inhabitants and for agricultural and economic reactivation.

It is a fuel with a huge future that will begin to be used more and more. New Zealand does not currently implement it but has several projects to begin blending its fuels with ethanol. That is why if you are a New Zealander and you are willing to invest in this commodity in New Zealand Dollar, we recommend you to use this API. Its name is Commodities-API and it is the market leader in its field.

Obtain Ethanol Rates in New Zealand Dollar Using This API

Give Commodities-API a try!

This service started out as a lightweight, basic open source API that provides current and historical commodity rates. Thanks to its impressive features, you will be able to receive ethanol rates with an accuracy of 2 decimal places and a frequency of up to every 60 seconds. This is very important, as sometimes product prices go up or down unexpectedly. Being aware of these changes is important to save a lot of money.

If you are wondering what the sources of information are, they are obtained from more than 15 data sources, such as banks and financial data providers. Another important feature is its conversion between currencies. Currently, its system works with 170 currencies from around the world, which will allow you to see the prices of the products in the currency that is most comfortable for you, such as the New Zealand Dollar.

How much do I have to pay to use this service?

There are two possible answers to your question. First of all, the service is free, but it does not take full advantage of the capabilities of Commodities-API, as it has some disadvantages. However, there are also basic and professional plans, with better features. Their prices are 15 and 50 dollars per month.

Obtain Ethanol Rates in New Zealand Dollar Using This API

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