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One million investment in Czech e-sport: Petr Andrýsek wants to make the Czech team the European leader

Petr Andrýsek is a Czech entrepreneur who has been involved in e-sport for some time. For the first time he began to break into it when he joined the Madmonq project. That was three years ago, and Andrýsek wanted to help with marketing, promotion and expansion into the United States, the founder of the Madmonq project, Michael Nog.

Madmonq is a food supplement designed especially for computer game players. It is intended to help bring a healthier way of life into e-sport and also to help players improve their skills such as concentration, perception and the like. But when Andrysek got into closer contact with e-sport, he saw much greater potential in it.

The potential of e-sport

We can only guess how much potential Andrýsek saw, but based on the amount of his investment, it will probably not be negligible. Earlier this year, he invested several million crowns in the Madmonq project and also in his company Socialsharks. Although she first dealt with advertising on social networks, but when Andrysek saw potential in e-sport, society began to deal more with e-sports.

Another investment went to the Czech startup Oddin, which is trying to analyze e-sport matches. And now there is another substantial investment. And directly to a specific e-sport team. He chose the Brute team to support millions of crowns. With his investment, however, would like to help the entire domestic e-sport.

Andrysek says that there are not many e-sport teams in the Czech Republic that can keep up with the established European competition. According to him, the Czech and Slovak markets need someone to be a pioneer in this. Who will be the first and to whom others will be able to look. He also adds that the sports team imagines almost everyone as a group of boys playing computer games. But he sees it as a business overlap and sees the team as a tool to help bring e-sport into the mainstream and connect the online and offline world of show business through games.

Czech elite

Among the best teams in the Czech Republic is the Brute team, which Andrýsek chose. He has been on the scene for three years and his greatest achievements include 1st place at Prima Cool Finals in Prague, qualifying for the Polish Games Clash Masters or 2nd place at Polbit Arena in Poland. The Brute team can compare with some professional European teams now, but Andrysek sees a lot of room for growth.

His investment earned a 55% stake in the team, but the investment is aimed primarily at operations and preparations for next season. Playing games at this level is not just about sitting at the computer, pressing keys or clicking the mouse. Behind the team should be an organizational team and a quality background. According to Andrysk, the team members have the room, but they have to learn how to play as professionals, which is, in particular, about the head and mental preparation. And that includes working with a coach and a psychologist.

In addition to the new majority owner in the team, co-owner Ondřej Šišmaš and CEO Jaroslav Chlumský are also active. The latter believes that investment and support from Andrés will move the whole team further. Players specialize in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Andrysek hopes that his investment will set an example for other potential investors, realizing the need to build a solid foundation. Take a step back and build the entire gaming ecosystem on a solid foundation so that it can literally explode here as well as abroad, where tens of millions of dollars are played in the biggest tournaments.

Petr Andrýsek is known for taking risks. But now he reports that all of his e-sport activities are doing well and he sees room for growth in each of them. That he is not the only one who sees the potential of e-sport in the Czech Republic is proven by the fact that billionaire Daniel Křetínský bought half of the Grunex gaming agency. Another proof is the famous Czech influencer, Jirka Král, who launched his own game tournament in e-sport. It will be played by almost a quarter of a million crowns.

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