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Startup piurana Agros wins US technology contest

The startup Piurana Agros achieved the worldwide victory of the Inclusive Innovation Challenge in the Access to Technology category, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“This award goes in recognition to our entire team and, above all, to the thousands of family farmers we are impacting and changing their quality of life”, says the official Agros Facebook page.

The company specializes in precision agriculture and uses Machine Learning technology. It is currently focused on a technological solution aimed at small farmers and provides specialized advice remotely at low cost.

Producers receive climate alerts and notifications of pest prevention from their cell phone.

“We will not stop until we achieve equal opportunities for small farmers, through technological and financial resources,” said Robinson Lopez, founder of Agros

The team received the award at the official MIT headquarters in Masachussets. The Peruvian startup stood out among the finalists of the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe.

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The competition awards more than one million dollars in prizes in four categories that help build an economy with integration in the digital era: Financial Inclusion, Income Growth and Job Creation, Skills Development and Opportunity Coincidence, as well as Access to technology.

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