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Programmatic Advertising: The present of the ad-buying

When surfing the Internet, on many occasions, we have run into advertisements for products that may interest us or brands of our choice. But why does it happen? How do you know what we like? Well if you do not know why it happens, in the next report we present you to Programmatic Advertising.

What is it?

Programmatic advertising is the acquisition of online advertising spaces in an automated way thanks to platforms in which an advertiser buys audiences and not spaces as in traditional advertising.

Likewise, it is a process that allows you to connect a brand with the right consumer, at the right time and place to show ads related to it.

It is a system based on algorithms that establish matches between the spaces available in various online media, with the data that advertisers have about the audience they are looking for.

So that an advertiser can show his message to people with a very specific profile, he buys advertising in real time through digital bids (RTB or Real Time Bidding) on specialized platforms to offer impressions to the highest bidder.

In programmatic advertising, the advertiser pays for the number of people, with exact characteristics, who see your ad at the moment that generates the most impact. In this way, the ad is more effective.

One of the benefits of programmatic advertising is the ability to personalize ads, which has allowed it to expand rapidly through the media and everything points to this trend will not stop growing.



Using this type of advertising can be very beneficial for advertisers.

There are several advantages, the first of which is that through programmatic messages can be delivered to specific audiences, then the model allows the automation of several processes, which determines a greater efficiency in operations. Finally, brands can obtain effective costs better than direct purchases.

More than a “bet”, programmatic is the right way to buy media in 2019.

There are numerous programmatic advantages over traditional purchasing, the biggest one is:

Data: Being able to analyze the data of the client (1st party), scale it and direct it towards the purchase engines to impact the really correct audience

To be able to analyze the data of the client (1st party), scale it and direct it towards the purchase engines to impact the really correct audience Frequency control: When making a purchase of audiences, there is a cross-channel frequency control which optimizes the purchase and reduces waste.

Programmatic advertising works much better if it is part of a strategy and not if you work in isolation. It must be sustainable over time so that it generates results in accordance with the strategic and marketing objectives behind the company or brand.

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