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South African startup launches first innovative Lego tape

The two product designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler from Cape Town have developed the “Nimuno Loops – The Toy Block Tape”, an adhesive tape that is compatible with Lego building blocks and thus makes any surface buildable.

The South African startup Nimuno Loops, a branch of the Chrome Cherry Design Studio, could change the (Lego) game world with its invention. Along walls, around corners, on bicycles and even on shoes – the possibilities of Lego tapes with the official product name “The Toy Block Tape” seem endless. T

he founders Anine Kirsten and Max Basler started a crowdfunding campaign in 2017 for the first batch of adhesive tape on Indigogo and clearly surpassed the modest target of $ 8,000 with more than $ 1.6 million.

Not just for playing

However, the Lego tape is not just for kids to play with. According to the founders, the tape is already being used in the international street art scene – for example, in a group of Russian artists who transform normal buildings into Lego architecture or the British stencil artist “Ame72 aka. The Lego Street Artist “, who is known to place colorful Lego figures in Tel Aviv in the city.

Nimuno Loops: compatible with most building block systems

The tape is compatible not only with Lego but also with other “Toy Building Block Systems” such as Mega Bloks and Kreo due to the “nupsies” on the top. In addition, users can cut and recycle them as they please. The “loops” are made of a soft plastic and are available in different colors.

On the net, however, some users criticized: Accordingly, the protective film on the adhesive side of the tape is very difficult to remove. Nonetheless, most reactions on the web are extremely positive.

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