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Startups and entrepreneurs: What about online attacks?

There is an increasingly imminent threat, but one that remains invisible to the business community. These are attacks that can put at risk the reputation and reliability of a corporate, the personal databases that store, and even produce millions in losses, we speak of those from cyberspace. There are many examples, among them the one for which Nestlé and Disney withdrew all their YouTube advertising, after discovering that the platform was used to link users with videos of pedophilia sites.

How to avoid it?

However, there are tools that allow to profile in detail those who try to violate the closed circuits of corporate integrated sectors as diverse as financial, manufacturing, energy or retail.

Thus, among the distributors that stand out is Westcon Comstor a Corporation by Synnex, which in Mexico heads Héctor Lara, a firm that after a successful merger has managed to complement its portfolio of services on a large scale. The wholesaler is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which is why it has high levels of transparency, solid corporate governance and tailored strategies for each of its clients.

New opportunities

Matin Tamizi, CEO of the company FinTech Cuenca, will present the opportunities our country has in LendIt FinTech, one of the most important events on digital financial services innovation that takes place in the United States, Europe and China.

In the panel “Digital banking in Mexico,” Tamizi will address the advantages of this market, which has already attracted the attention of private equity fund firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, one of the most important in California and who has supported two projects in Latin America: Rappi and Cuenca; as well as Kaszek Ventures, whose founders undertook with Mercado Libre. Both funds contributed seed capital for two million dollars to Cuenca, which launched its app and Visa card in February of this year, through which users can make transfers 24/7 in a secure, transparent and free of charge. of commissions.


There are companies in many countries that are characterized by contributing to society and having a positive impact on the communities where they have a presence.

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