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Artificial Intelligence keeps expanding: Meet the new approach

Their connection was created by the original start-up technology Hilbi. Your ecosystem evaluates your health and enables solutions thousands of miles from home. All you need is an internet connection.

The start-up introduced itself at the international conference “Future of Health Summit 2019”. It was developed by Slovaks and won the support of two hundred renowned doctors and speakers. Hilbi presents decentralized healthcare based on artificial intelligence of global proportions.

How will it work?

The artificial intelligence learns on a chat platform with the participation of the patient and his doctor, comparing the findings with a set of health data sets, data from smart watches and various measuring devices to meteorological geolocation data. She is a unique partner in this shamrock because she collects, classifies, and processes the data with the help of super-powerful computers. The participating physicians then verify and evaluate them and determine the procedure. The ultimate recipient is the patient in question.

The data is protected by the 01Blockchain technology, which guarantees 100% anonymity and the security of the shared data as well as maximum transparency and distribution.

What will know happen when we get sick

“At the present time, we collect a lot of data about us from different sources, such as smart watches, and when we get sick, we leave out the technologies that are here and now in time and go to the doctor. That can be different, “says the author and author of internationally acclaimed publications Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA. “I think that what Hilbi’s people are doing is fantastic, for the correct diagnosis, the enumeration of the symptoms is not enough, but there are also geographic factors, genetic predispositions and lifestyle-related factors necessary. All of this is documented with the help of this technology and helps to establish a faster and more accurate diagnosis”.

Hilbi functions as a chat between the patient and his doctor, between doctors among each other and also as a communal chat, in which other doctors can participate. From all this, artificial intelligence not only learns, but strives to apply the insights immediately to the emerging symptoms as the patients remember them. The analyzed data is shared by the patient with the doctor, which leads to an early diagnosis of different diseases and thus often results in the salvation of human life.

One advantage is the convenience and availability of the app in any smartphone or mobile device

“Healthcare is changing fundamentally, with fewer and fewer doctors over-aging the population, information gathering on the Internet, and patients on the Internet often wrong, Hilbi wants to change that is the answer to the demand for quality, very specialist information, without having to spend half a day sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, and patients often find out what they already know, “says MUDr. Ladislav Pásztor MSc, Hilbi Chief Executive Officer. “Artificial intelligence clearly has a future in medicine”.

The project is in its first phase of testing

The project is in its first phase of testing, with people from 01People, specialists from and specialists and representatives of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava participating in its development. The space for additional investors will soon be opened in the form of an Earlybird investment on

Patrik Kmec, Hilbi Foundation by 01People: “It’s wonderful that accelerating the healing process is in everyone’s best interest.” The feedback we received at the “Future of Health Summit 2019″ conference from professionals, other start-up companies, big ones Companies and pharmaceutical companies are that they do not want us to compete but to work with us, and our ambition is to use technology and experience to create the know-how that makes artificial AI real is not limited to selected medical centers”.

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