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Startups that were born by and for the coronavirus crisis

In a few weeks the world has turned around, and what is ruin for many may be the opportunity for others. This is demonstrated by the number of startups that are being born to meet the new needs raised during the quarantine.

From home delivery sites to medical equipment manufacturers, 3D printing, or online courses, there are many categories that are growing, and entrepreneurs are doing their best not to be left behind.

On the website we have a world map with different projects that we have seen being born lately. If we click in Barcelona, for example, we see 3 companies:

  • Mangrana: an application that makes essential primary health care practically accessible to everyone, regardless of the country.
  • OxyGEN: an open hardware project to build an emergency mechanism that automates a manual fan.
  • Grifols: To accelerate the development of diagnostic and detection tests for the detection of the new coronavirus.

We can see how the number of projects in the United States has multiplied. On the East Coast alone, there are over 100, 26 in New York, most focused on diagnostics.

Sometimes they are not new companies, but some already existing ones that have reinvented themselves or have decided to expand their functions to meet this demand, which, as many of us already know, will not be punctual.

The Covid-19 has changed life as we know it in many ways, and these hundreds of innovations and solutions that help people cope and adapt to life in the midst of the pandemic show how it is possible to make your way.

With this resource they hope to help teams of innovators to cooperate and create solutions faster. The map will also help the public and private sector identify innovative projects relevant to them by location (from vaccines and prevention to diagnostics and treatments, to life and business adaptation, etc.).

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