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Ireland turns its ‘startups’ into the EU against Brexit (which does not arrive)

The old tobacco factory in Mullingar smoked Ireland and part of Europe for half a century. Owned by the Imperial Tobacco Group, a former British monopoly with Victorian airs, those ships were a hotbed of machines that made cigarettes and packaged them. Today the facilities are the headquarters of a…

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This startup builds 3D printed houses in less than 24 hours: this is how it does it

Icon is an American startup that develops 3D printing technology, and can build small-sized homes in less than a day and at really low cost. Evan Loomis, the company’s confessor, explains to Business Insider that calculating an exact cost is complicated, but that they have manufactured a 40-square-meter house for…

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Amazon launches a new delivery system to send orders safely inside of users’ garage

Amazon begins offering a new package delivery experience to Prime users in the United States with the release of Key for Garage. With it, the aforementioned users can choose to receive their orders safely inside their garages without having to alter their plans for receiving them. All they need is…

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Finhub meets crypto and fintech communities

The Strategic Center for Innovation and Financial Technology of the United States (Finhub) in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will hold a series of peer-to-peer (P2P) meetings throughout the United States. This initiative aims to involve more people in the cryptographic and fintech community and was recently announced on…

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