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Successful startup stories: Founding spirit in every little thing

Lavinia Rosen has done it. In 2007 she graduated from high school at Torgelow Castle, today she is an art dealer and gallery owner in Hamburg. It was not yet listed in the startup monitor, because this statistical survey of the founders in Germany has only existed for five years. However, a glance shows just this: There are many imitators today. There were 1,837 startups in the 2017 survey period, which summed up 4,245 start-ups and provided employment to 19,913 employees. What founders need as initial equipment to be able to start successfully and much more interesting facts from the founding scene reveals this post.

Müritz lies between the founding regions of Hamburg and Berlin

A total of six start-up regions are defined in the Startup Monitor: Munich, Stuttgart / Karlsruhe, the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region, Hanover / Oldenburg, Hamburg and Berlin, which are very close to Müritz geographically. Out of these six start-up regions, more than half of the named startups come. 16.8 per cent work from the capital Berlin, 6.2 per cent started their business in Hamburg. But that’s not all. Even the influx to Berlin (with a plus of 26.1 percent) and Hamburg (with a plus of 13 percent) is enormously large and speaks for the region.

The consistent collection of the startup data also reveals the entrepreneur status of the startups: The majority (between 44.1 and 48.3 percent) is in the so-called startup stage, which means: the offer is ready for the market, first sales are realized. In terms of typical startup sectors, IT and software development is at the top of the list, at 19.4 percent, followed by Software-as-Service (12 percent), Industrial Technology (9 percent) and E-Commerce (6.8 percent).

That helps the startup scene

On the Müritz directly on site sits the Institute for Business Start-up and Management. It has set itself the task of providing potential business start-ups with help and advice. In practice this means:

Around 70,000 interested new founders attended a start-up seminar and learned interesting facts about grants, subsidies and business plans during the workshop

Significantly more special is the state-funded start-up coaching, which promises practical support and help in direct exchange.

In addition, there is help on the most important startup topics such as finance, accounting and marketing. The practical tips start with the value of a valid receipt and end with useful selection criteria around the choice of a suitable accounting software is far from.

This gives the startup scene an important tool to master – according to the startup monitor – the greatest challenges:

19.7 per cent demanded the topics of sales and customer acquisition the biggest effort. With 17.1 percent in second place ranked the product development. The company’s growth came in at 14.7 percent. Capital raising, liquidity, internal organization, recruitment, profitability, team development and internationalization were other challenges for the startup scene. Incidentally, initiatives that highlight regional funding options, such as the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, are also extremely popular. In 2018, a contractor, a media industry service provider, a bicycle shop, and a manufacturer of marine radar equipment made it to the winners. Anyone wishing to apply for the 2019 prize must do so by the deadline of 29th March.

These startups presented a success story: Get inspired!

The company Foodguide, in which TV Lion Carsten Maschmeyer invested in 2017, brings hungry users together with restaurants in their immediate surroundings. This should accelerate the search for the right restaurant all over the world and provide culinary delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company Pumperl Gsund could supply the suitable product after using Foodguide, because this startup from Bavaria supplies protein in liquid form. So should healthy food, which serves to build muscle and facilitates weight loss, be quick and easy. The founders of Grillido, who revolutionized the popular bratwurst and minimized their high fat content, could also contribute to the healthy diet. Fittaste, the healthy food delivery service provider, addresses the need for fast, healthy food.

From the IT and App Sector, on the other hand, these startup ideas come from: The Talentcube App offers applicants an option to represent themselves to interested entrepreneurs with their knowledge and skills. MySchleppApp, on the other hand, could become a must-have app for every car driver, as it should then unfold its customer value when it unexpectedly comes to a breakdown on the road. In terms of content, the creators of ArtNight are far more creative, perhaps even showing one or the other parallel to Lavinia Rosen’s concept. ArtNight organizes creative experiences to bring together people who are interested in art.

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