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Switzerland is the best place for startups

It is a platform that connects parents and their children’s schools with educational institutions. Federico Hernández, its creator, received 500 thousand dollars of investment

The Blended venture was founded by Federico Hernández, who is currently its CFO, and received the US $ 500,000 investment to beat 64 other startups around the world. After presenting his speech to a hundred entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, Hernandez obtained an injection of resources for that amount to scale his business model.

“It is a great pride to have won this global startup contest. This reflects the quality of entrepreneurs we have in Latin America and has to help people who wish to be entrepreneurs to do so because there is capital willing to invest in all of us and we simply have to take the risk, “said Hernández.

Technology for education

Blended was one of the 12 finalist startups that were chosen from among 62 emerging market companies around the world by the Seedstars World organization in Switzerland.

The Hernandez project is an EdTech tool (technologies for education) that seeks to boost local schools with access to all the tools and services they need in a single platform, saving time and money. It is already used by more than 350 educational institutions.

Among the reasons for choosing Blended, the jury highlighted the speed of growth of the company and the potential impact that its technology can bring to schools in Latin America, a region that still struggles with big problems such as school dropout and inequality. educational

“The company has just received investment from large international funds, including Omidyar Network, from the founders of eBay, and WinWin from the founders of Therefore, we will analyze in the next few days the terms of the Seedstars investment proposal and evaluate whether we incorporate it or not, “said Nicolás Giménez, co-founder and CEO of Blended.

With this investment, the company plans to expand the integration of its platform with other systems and launch new low-cost versions to continue democratizing access to technology in Latin America.

Regional participation

Latin America had an outstanding participation in the Seedstars 2019 summit with four companies among the 12 finalist startups from countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, India and Ghana, among others.

Seedstars is an initiative that seeks entrepreneurs from countries in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe to promote startups with ideas with the potential to improve the quality of life for thousands of millions of people in five key sectors: health, finance, education, agriculture and energy. The selected startups get financial support and mentoring from world experts.

Seedstars will begin the search for 15 Latin American countries of the following startups that will participate in the 2020 summit.

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