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Paris venture capitalists want to roll up the Swiss fintech scene

A French platform of startup investors is gaining ground in western Switzerland. The financiers have big plans for local fintechs Angelsquare will be active in Switzerland this March, according to a Wednesday announcement. The Paris platform, founded in 2016, is said to unite around 600 French venture capitalists. Last year…

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Security tokens are growing fast in Switzerland

The “vending machine” should make it possible to acquire shares directly from companies without having to register for it. What the Swiss fintech company Alethena, in cooperation with the Zurich-based start-up Ledgy and the legal services provider Lexr, submits as a “stock market”, can be thought of as a mediator…

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The Swiss fintech market grew by 62 percent last year

According to the analysis, Switzerland had 356 fintech companies in 2018, as opposed to 220 in the previous year. The growth is reported to depend on Fintech Distributed Ledger (DLT) companies, which triples in number. More specifically, “out of a total of 356 companies, 122 are Distributed Ledger Technology, 66…

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Switzerland remains the leading location for fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The fintech sector in Switzerland continues to boom. Two major cities in the country ranked second and third in a global ranking, confirming their results from the previous year. Only a city state performs even better. This emerges from a new study. Thanks to excellent conditions, FinTech Switzerland remains a…

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Switzerland: Fintech market grows by a whopping 68%

The Hocschule Luzern and the Institute for Financial Services Zug (IFZ) have published their “IFZ Fintech Study” for the fourth time. Fintech is still good And the insights are by no means surprising for people who know the industry: the framework conditions for companies in the financial technology industry are…

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The issue of Swiss fintechs: Industry thrives, but customers are missing

Good general conditions make Switzerland one of the leading fintech centers in the world. This is the finding of a survey for the year 2017 published by the Institute for Financial Services Zug of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences yesterday. In a global comparison of 30 cities studied, Zurich…

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