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The Karlsruhe based software startup addresses a large market potential

The Karlsruhe based software company Retest has received seed funding of 600,000 euros from High-Tech Gr├╝nderfonds. Retest solves a major problem in software development and thus addresses a large market potential. The innovative Retest solution and the strong founders have convinced us and we are very pleased to welcome the…

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New business automation platform of a startup

A digital assistant for sales teams is the current project of the series founder Stefan Groschupf. With a million investment he drives the expansion from San Francisco. Updating addresses and telephone numbers, creating forms and reports for the sales manager. With a digital assistant for sales teams, founder Stefan Groschupf…

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What is Google looking for investing in? The truth about AR and AI startups

Launched in 2015, AR startup “Mojo Vision” emerged from scratch last November, announcing investments worth over $ 50 million. Now another 58 million US dollars follow. The most well-known new entry among investors is Google’s risk capital Gradient Ventures. Also on board are the investment companies of HP, Motorola, LG…

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Analysis: 40 percent of European “AI startups” do not use AI at all

Where AI says, is not everywhere in it all inclusive. This – not entirely unexpected – result comes from an analysis of the London-based venture capital firm MMC Ventures. Since quite a few entrepreneurs apparently want to ride the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence, many claim that working with AI does…

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Are AI Startups ruling the scene? Here’s all about this phenomenon

The Viennese startup MoonVision, which specializes in AI image recognition, has raised EUR 1 million under the lead of the Vienna-based investment company ARAX Capital Partners. The Viennese startup MoonVision started with the visual recording of Grillhendln. The company’s Machine Learning-based Object Tracking technology enabled food counting and categorization in…

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